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As Santa Matilda begged to the Most Holy Virgin that She help her at the hour of death, she heard that the most benign Lady said to her:  "Yes I will do it; but I want you to say three Hail Maries daily to me. The first, requesting that as God Father placed me on a throne of glory without equal, making me the most powerful in Heaven and Earth, that I may attend to you on Earth for strengthen you and to separate you from all enemy power. On the second Hail Mary you will request from me that just as the Son of God filled me of wisdom, to such degree that I have more knowledge of the Most Holy Trinity than all the Saints, I will attend to you in the critical moment of death to fill your soul with the lights of the faith and true wisdom, so that they are not obscured by the darkness of error and ignorance.  On the third, you will request that just as the Holy Spirit has filled me with the sweetness of his love, and has made me so loving that after God, I am the sweetest and most merciful, so that when I attend you at death filling your soul with such smoothness of divine love, that all pain and bitterness of death change for you into delights."  

The practice of this devotion cannot be either easier, or briefer.  Easy, because all we have to do is pray every day three Hail Maries, thanking the Most Holy Trinity for the gifts of Power, Wisdom, and Love, that were granted to the Immaculate Virgin, and urging to Mary to use them for our assistance.  

Method to practice this devotion:  

Every day, pray the following:  

Mary, my Mother; do not let me commit mortal sin! 

1 By the Power that the Eternal Father granted you.  (Say one Hail Mary)  

2 By the Wisdom that the Son granted you.  (Say one Hail Mary)  

3 By the Love that the Holy Spirit granted you (Say one Hail Mary)