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So states St. Alphonsus Marie Liguori in his book “The Glories of Mary”:   

Let us always take advantage of the beautiful advice from St. Bernard:  "When in danger, in anguish, in doubt, always invoke Mary.   Do not allow it to fall from your lips,  nor ever leave your heart".   When in danger of losing the divine grace,  think of Mary, invoke the name of Mary together with the name of Jesus, these two names are always inseparably united.  These so sweet and powerful names never separate from our heart and our lips, because these names will give us the strength and courage to never yield to temptations and to overcome them all.  Jesus promised wonderful graces to the devotees of the holy name of Mary, as told to St. Brigitte while speaking to his most holy Mother, revealing that whoever invokes the name of Mary with confidence and intention of amendment, will receive these special graces:  perfect sorrow for their  sins, atonement for them, the strength to reach perfection and eventually eternal life.   Because, added the divine Savior, your words are so dear and sweet to me, oh Mary, that I cannot deny whatever you request from me.  

In a nutshell, says St. Ephrem, the name of Mary is the key that opens the door of the heaven to those that invoke it with devotion.  Thus St. Bonaventure is correct when calling Mary “salvation of all those who invoke her", as if invoking the name of Mary was the same as obtaining eternal salvation.  Also Richard of St. Lawrence says that to invoke this holy and sweet name carries with it overabundant graces in this life and sublime glory in the other.  Therefore, concludes Thomas of Kempis: "If you look, my brothers to be consoled in all your works, resort to Mary, invoke Mary, be kind to Mary, place yourselves in the care of Mary.  Intimate with Mary, cry with Mary, walk with Mary, and with Mary you look for Jesus.  Finally desire to live and to die with Jesus and Mary.  By so doing you will always go ahead in the ways of the Lord, since Mary, gladly will pray for you, and the Son will certainly take care of the Mother ". 

Jesus says to Maria Valtorta: 

When our Enemy tries to bother you too much, say: "God save you Mary, Mother of Jesus, I trust you". The demon still has more aversion of the name of Mary than of my Name and my Cross.  He never succeeds, but he tries to harm my devotees in thousands of ways.  But only the echo of the name of Mary makes him flee.  If the world knew to call to Mary, it would be saved.  

Therefore to invoke our two names together is something powerful to overcome all the arms that Satan sends against a heart that is mine. 

And Jesus in San Nicholas, Argentina:  

14-10-87                   1276  

I see Jesus, and He says to me: I give to mankind the Love of My Mother, so that they go to Her.  

It is the Assistance, that will bring the Christians from the darkness, to introduce them to the Light.  

Let His Name be invoked, with infinite love.

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