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"The flames of Mercy burn me, I wish to spill them on the souls, and the souls do not want to believe in my kindness. Oh, what pain gives me when they do not want to accept them (...)  Tell the sorrowful mankind to embrace my merciful Heart and I will fill it with peace ". "Mankind will not find peace until it does not go with confidence to my Mercy".  

"From all My sores, like of streams, the mercy for the souls flows, but the wound of My Heart is the Source of the Mercy without limits, from this source all graces flow for the souls". 

 "The soul that trusts my Mercy will not perish, since all their concerns are mine. The happiest soul is the one than trusts my Mercy, because I personally care for it." 

 "Proclaim that no soul that has invoked My mercy has been disappointed nor has felt confusion". 

"My Daughter, writes that the greater the misery of a soul,  the greater right the soul has to My mercy and invite all the souls to trust the inconceivable abyss of My mercy, because I desire to save all of them.  In the cross, the Source of My Mercy was wide opened by the lance for all souls, I have not excluded anyone ".  

"Let the greatest sinners put their trust in My mercy. They particularly have the right to trust the abyss of My mercy.  My daughter, write of My mercy to the afflicted souls. The souls that resort to My mercy delight me.  To these souls I grant them graces above and beyond what they request. I cannot punish  the greatest sinner if he pleads for My compassion, since I justify him within My unfathomable and impenetrable mercy.  Write:  Before coming as a fair judge I open wide the door of My mercy.  Whoever does not pass through the door of My mercy, he must pass the door of My justice... "  

"I am Love and Mercy. Whoever approaches Me with confidence receives my graces with such overabundance, that they cannot contain them and it radiates unto others ". 

 "No sin, even a corruption abyss, will exhaust my Mercy". 

"Write of My Mercy.  Tell all souls that in the court of the mercy is where they should look for consolation; there the greatest miracles take place constantly and they are repeated incessantly. In order to obtain this miracle it is not necessary to make a pilgrimage to a distant place nor to celebrate some other rites, all you need is to approach with faith My representative and to confess to him with faith its misery and the miracle of the Mercy of God will become evident.  Even if a soul was like a corpse in such a way that from the human viewpoint everything was lost and nothing could be done.  It is not thus for God. The miracle of the Divine Mercy restores that soul in all its fullness.  Oh unfortunate souls that do not enjoy this miracle of the Divine Mercy; they will request it in vain when it is too late ". 

"For sinners, I descended from Heaven and I spilled all my Blood". 

"Tell the souls, My daughter, that I  give My mercy to them like a shield.  I along protect them from the right wrath of My Father". 

"Write:  I am saint, three times saint and feel aversion by the slightest sin.  I cannot love a soul stained by sin, but when it regrets it, then My generosity for that soul has no limits.  My mercy embraces it and justifies. I chase sinners with My mercy in all its ways and My Heart is glad when they return to Me.  I forget the bitterness that they gave My Heart to drink,  and I am glad when they return.  Tell them that no sinners will escape from My hands.  If they flee from My merciful Heart, they will fall in my just and fair hands.  Tell sinners that always I will wait for them, I kindly listen to the beats of their hearts to know when they will beat for Me  Write that I speak to them through the remorse of conscience, the failures and the sufferings, storms and rays, I speak with the voice of the Church and if they frustrate all My graces, I get annoyed, and leave them to themselves giving them what they wish ". 

 "The greatest sinners could become great saints if they trusted my Mercy. I delight in sanctifying the souls. The greatest sinners have the individual right to my Mercy.  It is for Me a joy when they go to my Mercy.  I overflow them with my graces above their expectations.” 

 "Write My daughter, that for a repentant soul I am Mercy itself.  The greatest misery of a soul does not ignite My wrath, since My Heart feels a great mercy for her ". 

"Tell my Priests that the most hardened sinners will melt because of their words, when they speak of my unfathomable Mercy and the compassion that my Heart has towards them".  

"The souls that approaches the Court of the Mercy will find the most surprising miracles, because when you approach to confess, you must know that I myself wait for to you in the confessional hidden in the Priest". 

"I cannot punish to those that trust in my Mercy. I punish when I am compelled to do it.  But prior to coming like a Judge the Day of Justice, I open the doors of my Love and grant the time for Mercy ". 

"Write this for the afflicted souls:  When the soul sees and recognizes the gravity of its sins, when all the abyss of misery is discovered before their eyes in which it has fallen, it is not hopeless; the soul should not despair, but to go with confidence to the arms of my Mercy, like a baby between the arms of his loving mother ".  

"My Heart is overwhelmed with great mercy for the souls and especially for the poor sinners.  Oh, if they could only understand that I am for them the best Father, than for them from My Heart gushed  forth Blood and Water like of an overflowing source of mercy; for them I live in the tabernacle; as King of Mercy desire to overwhelm the souls with graces, but they do not want to accept them.  At least you come to Me as often as possible and take these graces that they do not want to accept and with this you will console My Heart.  Oh, how much indifference from the souls for so many demonstrations of love.  My Heart is only compensated with ingratitude, with forgetfulness on the part of the souls that live in the world. They have time for everything, but not to come to Me to take My graces ". 

"Oh, if the sinners knew My mercy, not so many  would  perish.  Tell the sinful souls not to be afraid to approach Me, speak of My great mercy ". 

"The loss of each soul brings me to a mortal sadness. You always console me when you pray for sinners.  The prayer that is most pleasing to Me is the prayer for the conversion of sinners.  You have to know, My daughter Mine, that this prayer is always heard". 

Jesus: "My Daughter, do you think that you have written enough about My mercy? What you have written is just a drop from the ocean. I am Love and Mercy itself; misery does not exist that can measure to My mercy, nor the misery exhausts it, since from the moment at which my mercy occurs it increases. The soul that trusts My mercy is happiest because I myself will care for her ".  

"My Secretary, please write that I am more generous for sinners than for non sinners.  For them I came to the Earth... for them I have spilled My blood; they should not be scared to approach Me, they are the ones that need My mercy the most". 

"I have opened My Heart like an open Spring of Mercy.  Let all souls take life from it.  That they approach this sea of mercy  with great confidence.  Sinners will obtain justice and the righteous will be fortified.  To those that placed their trust in My mercy, at the hour of the death I will overwhelm their soul with My divine peace ". 

"Tell the souls not to set up obstacles in their own hearts to My mercy that wishes to work in them. My mercy acts in all the hearts that open their doors to it; the sinner as well as the pious need My mercy. The conversion and the perseverance are graces of My mercy. 

The souls that have a tendency towards perfection should adore especially My mercy, because the abundance of graces that I grant to them comes from My mercy.  I desire that these souls distinguish themselves by a limitless confidence in My mercy.  I myself will take care of the sanctification of these souls; I will give everything necessary for their sanctity.  The graces of My mercy are taken with a single container and this one is confidence. The more it trusts a soul, the more it will receive. The souls that trust without limits are My great consolation, because in such souls I spill all the treasures of My graces.  I am glad when they request a lot, because My desire is to give a lot.  I am sad, however, if the souls request little, that narrows their hearts ". 

"In the Old Testament prophets were sent with thunders to My town. Today I send you to all mankind with My mercy.  I do not want to punish the suffering mankind, but I wishes to heal it, to embrace it to My merciful Heart.  I make use of punishments when they force me to it; My hand refuses to wield the sword of justice.  Prior to the day of justice, I send the day of the mercy ". 

 "Write of My kindness whatever you wish.  I answered: But, Sir, if I write too much?  And the Lord answered me:  My Daughter, even if you spoke all the languages of the men and of the angels simultaneously, you would not say too much, but that you would glorify My kindness, My unfathomable mercy, even in a small part ". 

"Write My daughter, that for a contrite soul, and I am Mercy itself.  The greatest misery of a soul does not ignite My wrath, but My Heart feels a great mercy by her ".  

"How much I yearn to save souls.  My dearest secretary, write that I desire to spill My divine life in the human souls and to sanctify them, provided they want to welcome My grace. The greatest sinners would arrive at a great sanctity if they trusted My mercy.  My entrails are overwhelmed with mercy that is spilled mainly on what I have created.  My delight is to build in the human soul, to fill it of My mercy and to justify it.  My kingdom on Earth is My life in the souls of men.  Write my Secretary that I am the director of the souls, while indirectly I guide them by means of the priests and I lead each one to the sanctity by the way that only I know". 


"It is my desire that you have a deep knowledge of the love that burns My heart, and you will understand this, when you meditate on My Passion.  Request My Mercy in favor of sinners.  I wish their salvation.  When you say this prayer, with a contrite heart and faith by the good of some sinner, I will give him the grace of conversion. This is the prayer: 

Oh, blood and water which gushed forth from The Heart of Jesus as a fountain of Mercy for us, I trust in You. 


"To the souls that propagate the devotion to my Mercy, I will protect them during all their lives as an affectionate mother protects her new born boy and at the time of the death I will not be for them a Judge but a Merciful Savior". 

"The souls that adore my Mercy and propagate the devotion to her inviting other souls to trust my Mercy will not experience terror at the hour of the death.  My Mercy will shelter them in this last battle". 


CONFIDENCE: "The more a soul trusts, the greater graces it will receive". 

"If your confidence is great, my generosity will have no limits". 

"The souls that trust without limits are My great consolation, because in such souls I spill all the treasures of My graces".  

"Oh, how much it hurts when a soul does not trust me.  This soul acknowledges that I am right saint and just, and does not think that I am the Mercy, does not trust My kindness. Also the demons admire My justice, but they do not believe in My kindness ". 

"Acknowledge that mercy is the greatest attribute of God. All the works of My hands are crowned by the mercy ". 

 "Everything you say on My kindness is true and there are not enough expressions to exult My kindness". 

 "When a soul exults My kindness, then Satan shakes and flees to the bottom of hell". 

"Write:  Everything that exists is locked up in the entrails of My mercy more deeply than a boy in the womb of his mother.  How much it hurts the distrust to Me on My kindness.  The distrustful sins are those that hurt Me the most". 

 "I wish to grant unimaginable graces to the souls that trust my Mercy". 

"Let them approach the sea of mercy with great confidence. The sinners will obtain the justification and the right ones will be fortified in the good. To those that have deposited their confidence in my mercy, at the hour of the death I will overwhelm their soul with my divine peace ".  

(If we do not have sufficient confidence in God, we can request it by means of a Novena of Confidence to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In order to see click it here. Also we can recover our confidence in God, reading and saying the Praises to the Divine Mercy) 

MERCY WITH YOUR FELLOWMAN"If a soul does not practice mercy somehow, it will not reach it on judgment day.  Oh, if the souls knew to accumulate eternal treasures, they would not be judged, because the mercy would anticipate my judgment ". 

Let us remember that works of mercy are the following ones:  

Spiritual Works:  to teach the one that does not know, to give good advice to whomever needs it, to console the bereaved, to correct what is wrong, to pardon the insults, to accept other people's defects patiently, to pray to God for the living and the dead. 

Corporal Works:  to feed the hungry, to offer water to the thirsty one, to dress the naked one, to offer shelter to the traveler, to visit the sick, to redeem the captive, to bury to dead. 

"My Daughter, I need sacrifices done by love, because only these have value for Me The debt the world contracted with me is great, it can be paid by the pure souls with their sacrifices, practicing spiritual works of mercy.”  

The divine Mercy is infinite, but it we can limit it with our lack of confidence in God or our lack of mercy with our fellowman.  

What less than an act of mercy towards our fellowman every day!  Be of work, word or prayer! 

Picture of Merciful Jesus

Jesus said to Sister Faustina: "Draw a picture according to how you see me, with the invocation: "Jesus I Trust in You". I want that image venerated throughout the world" 

"Both rays mean the Blood and the Water. The pale ray symbolizes the Water that it justifies to the souls. The red ray symbolizes the Blood that is the life of the souls... Both rays emerged from the deepest entrails of My mercy when My dying Heart was pierced in the cross by the lance.  

These rays protect the souls of the indignation of My Father.  Lucky those who live within their reach, because the just right hand of God will not reach them". 

"I will preserve the cities and houses where this image is found". 

"I promise that the soul that venerates this image will not perish.  I already promise here on Earth victory over the enemies: mainly at the time of death.  I myself will defend them like my Glory.  I offer mankind a container where they can come to the source of Mercy to gather graces.  That container is this image with the inscription “Jesus I Trust in You” under and not on the image". 

Jesus promises eternal salvation and great graces and progresses in the sanctity to those that give cult to him by means of this image.  In your home and your briefcase, place it in your favorite location.   

"The greatness of this image is not in the colors or the brush strokes, but in My Grace”. 


"The Sunday after Easter the Feast of Mercy must be celebrated.  That day, the Priests must preach to the souls about my infinite Mercy ".  

"To the priests who proclaim and praise My mercy, I will grant them prodigious strength and I will anoint their words and I will shake the hearts in those in attendance".  

"On that day all the Sources of my Mercy will be open.  I wish that this Feast become a refuge for all souls, but especially for the sinners ". 

"My Daughter, say that this Celebration came from the entrails of My mercy for the consolation of the entire world". 

"The soul that goes to Confession and receives the Holy Communion will obtain the total remission of its faults and the punishment... The soul should not be afraid to approach Me, although their sins are as the worst". 

"My Daughter, as you prepare yourself in My presence, when you confess with Me; the priest is for Me only a screen.  Never should you analyze what type of priest class I am using and open your soul when you go to confession as you would do it with me, and I will fill your soul with My light” 

"All Communion received with a clean heart, restores the soul to the Baptismal innocence, since the Eucharistic Mystery is the "source of all grace". 

"I desire to be united to the human souls.  My great delight is be united with the souls. You have to know, My daughter, that when I reach a human heart in Holy Communion, I have the hands full of all types of graces and desire to give them to the soul, but the souls do not even pay attention to Me, they leave Me alone and go on to other things. Oh, how painful for Me that the souls do not recognize the Love.  They treat me like something lifeless". 

When I was in deep prayer, I was transferred in spirit to the chapel and saw to Lord Jesus exposed in the monstrance; instead of the monstrance I saw the glorious face of the Lord and the Lord said to me:  "What you see is in fact what these souls see through faith.  Oh, how pleasing it is for Me their great faith.  Note that apparently there is no trace of life in Me, however, in fact it exists in all its fullness as in each and every Wafer.  But so that I can build in a soul, the soul must have faith. Oh, how much it pleases Me the living faith." 

"The souls die in spite of My sorrowful Passion.  I offer them the last opportunity of salvation, that is to say, the Feast of My mercy.  If they do not adore My mercy, will die forever.  Secretary of My mercy, write, speak to the souls of this great mercy of Mine, because the terrible day is near, the day of My justice ". 


Jesus called "the Hour of the Mercy" 3 o’clock in the afternoon, being the hour of his death: "At 3 in the afternoon implore my Mercy especially for sinners, and, even for a moment, ponder my Passion; mainly the abandonment at the moment of my agony.  This is the hour of the great Mercy for the whole world.  At this Hour I will not deny anything to the soul that requests it by the merits of my Passion ". 

"Few souls contemplate My Passion with true feeling; to the souls that meditate My Passion very devotedly, I grant them the greater number of graces". 

"I remind you, My daughter, that whenever you hear the clock striking three in the afternoon, immerse yourself totally in My mercy, adoring it and glorifying it; beg for its omnipotence for the entire world and specially for the poor sinners, since at that time it was wide opened for each soul.  At that hour you can obtain everything you request for you and for others.  At that hour the grace for the entire world was set:  the mercy prevailed over justice.  My Daughter, at that hour try to pray the Via Cruces, as soon as your duties allow it; and if you cannot say the Via Cruces, at least enter into the chapel a little while and adore in the Blessed Sacrament My Heart that is full of mercy.  And if you cannot enter the chapel, immerse yourself in prayer even for a brief moment.  I demand the cult to My mercy of each creature, but first of you, since to you I have presented this mystery to you more in depth." 


The Lord dedicated fourteen revelations:  "By the prayer of this Rosary, I am pleased to grant any request.  Whoever says it, will reach great Mercy at the hour of death.  Even the most a hardened sinner, if it says this Rosary, even a single time, will obtain the grace of my infinite Mercy ". 

 "When sinners say this Rosary, I will fill their souls with peace, and will be happy the hour of its death.  They will not be fearful.  My Mercy will protect them in this last fight ". 

"I will defend like My glory each soul that prays this rosary at the hour of death, or when others say it next to the dying one, it will obtain the same pardon.  When this rosary is said near a dying one, the divine wrath is appeased and the unfathomable mercy surrounds the soul and the entrails of My mercy are moved by the painful Passion of My Son” 

"When they recite this Rosary next to the dying, I will be between the Father and the dying soul, not like right Judge, but like a Merciful Redeemer ". 

 "To the souls that say this chaplet, My mercy will especially surround them in life and at the time of death". 

"My Daughter, encourage souls to say the chaplet that I have given you.  To those who say this chaplet, I am pleased in giving them what they request from Me.  When the hardened sinners, pray it, I will overwhelm their souls with peace and the hour of death will be happy ". 

"Priests can offer this Rosary to the sinners, as the last resort". 

"Oh, what enormous of graces I will spill on the souls that say this Chaplet.  The entrails of my Mercy are mellowed when they say the Chaplet.  Write these words down, my daughter, speaks to the world of My mercy so that all mankind knows of My infinite mercy.  It is a sign of the last times, after the day of justice will come.  There is still time for them to resort to Source of My Mercy, let them benefit from the Blood and Water that flowed for them".  

Two cases appear in the Diary of St. Faustina that have to do with storms, #1731 and #1791, and in both cases she uses the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy like a powerful whip. 

"Today a great storm woke me up, the wind was blowing and it was raining as if there was a hurricane, as well as a severe thunder storm.  I started praying so that the storm would not cause any damage; suddenly, I heard these words:  Pray the chaplet that I have taught to you and the storm will stop.  Immediately I began to say the chaplet and I had not even finished it when the storm stopped and I heard these words: Through the chaplet you will obtain everything, if what you request is in agreement with My will." (1731) 

"Once when a great storm was approaching, I started to pray the chaplet.  I heard the voice of an angel suddenly:  I cannot approach with the storm, because the glare from its mouth rejects me and the storm. The angel was complaining to God.  I soon learned how much devastation that storm would have brought, but knew that the prayer was pleasing to God, and how powerful the chaplet is.”(1791)  

On May 22, the following incident happened and Sister Faustina wrote it down to show the power that Jesus attributed to the chaplet of the Divine Mercy, that He taught her: 

"Today the heat is so intense that it is difficult to stand it.  We are all thirsty for rain, and it still does not come.  The sky has been overcast for many days, but still no rain.  When I watch the plants, thirsty of water, I felt much compassion and I decided to pray the chaplet, until the Lord would send rain to us.  Before supper, the sky was covered with clouds, and a strong rainfall came.  I had incessantly been saying this chaplet for three hours.  And the Lord let me know that through this prayer everything can be obtained ". (1128) 


It is prayed with a common rosary. 

Every day says an Our Father, Hail Mary and Creed, and then five decades with the beads of the Holy Rosary:  

Pray 5 decades.  Each decade starts as follows:  

"Eternal Father, I offer You the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, in atonement of our sins and those of the entire world; for the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world."  (Diary, 476) 

At the end of each Hail Mary say:  “For his sorrowful Passion, have Mercy on us and on the whole world”  

At the end, say repeat times: 

Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One,

Have mercy on us and on the whole world.

It is good to finish with a Hail Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy. 


Jesus wants that the Celebration of Feast of Divine Mercy is preceded with a novena, that can be said with the Rosary of Mercy. It starts on Good Friday.  "In this novena I will grant to the souls all types of graces". It is a promise without restrictions...  

Good Friday, March 26, 1937, in Pradnik.  

"Jesus orders to me to make a novena, to precede the Celebration of Mercy which I must begin today, for the conversion of the whole world and to present the Mercy God to the world". "I wish that my creatures have confidence in Me". (III, 16).  

Cracovia, August 1937. (III, 57 to 65).  

Novena to the Divine Mercy, that Jesus ordered me to write and in preparation of the Celebration of the Mercy, to begin Good Friday.  

"I desire that during these nine consecutive days you bring the souls to the fountain of my Mercy so that they will find strength, consolation and all graces needed to face the difficulties of life, specially at the hour of death. 

Every day you will bring to my Heart a different group of souls and you will introduce them to the immensity of my Mercy, and I will lead them to the house of my Father ".  

I answered: Jesus, I do not know how to make this novena, nor what souls to lead first to your Merciful Heart.  Jesus, answered to me that He, every day, would let me know what souls to introduce in his Heart. (III, 57). 



“Today bring to me all mankind, especially all sinners, and immerse them in the ocean of My mercy.  In this way you will console Me in the bitter grief into which the loss of souls plunges Me”. 

Merciful Jesus, whose natural inclination is to have compassion of us and to pardon to us, do not look at our sins, but rather look at the confidence that we deposited in your infinite Kindness.  Give us shelter in your Merciful Heart and never let us leave Him.  This we ask by the love that unites You to the Father and the Holy Spirit.   

Eternal father, turn your merciful glance towards all Mankind, and especially towards the poor sinners, locking them in your Merciful Heart of Jesus and, by the merits of his sorrowful Passion, show us your Mercy, so that we praise the omnipotence of your Mercy, forever and ever.  Amen. (III, 57-58). 



“Today bring to me the souls of priests and religious and immerse them in my unfathomable mercy.  It was they who gave Me strength to endure My bitter Passion.  Through them, as through channels, My Mercy flows out upon mankind”. 

Merciful Jesus, source of all good things, all good, multiply the graces of those consecrated souls to your service, so that they can make works worthy of your mercy; and that all those that see them, glorify the Father of Mercy that is in Heaven. 

Eternal father, watch carefully the chosen group of your Vine, the souls of the priests and nuns, grant them the strength of your Blessings and by the love to the Heart of your Son, to which they are united, grant them the gift of your Light, so that they can guide others by the way of Salvation and with a single voice they sing praises to your Mercy, forever and ever.  Amen. (III, 58-59). 



“Today bring to me all Devout and Faithful Souls and immerse them to the ocean of My mercy.  These souls brought Me consolation on the way of the Cross.  They were that drop of consolation in the midst of an ocean of bitterness”. 

Merciful Jesus, who from the treasure of your Mercy, abundantly distribute your graces between all and each one of us.  Invite us to your loving Heart and never allow us to leave Him.  We ask this of you for the love; that in your Heart burns for by the Celestial Father.  

Eternal father, turn your merciful eyes towards the faithful souls that keep the legacy of Your Son. And by the merits and sorrows of His Passion, grant them your blessing and always have them under your trusteeship.  That their love never falters and never loses the treasure of our faith, but whom with the army of Angels and Saints, glorify your infinite Mercy, for ever and ever.  Amen. (III, 59). 



“Today bring to me those who do not believe in God and those who do not yet know me.  I was thinking also of them during My bitter Passion, and their future zeal comforted My heart.  Immerse them in the ocean of My mercy”. 

Merciful Jesus, You who are the Light of the world, receives in the dwelling of your loving Heart the souls of those that still do not know You, or who do not believe in You.  May the light of your Grace illuminate them so that also, united to us, they praise your wonderful Mercy; not letting them out of your overflowing Heart of mercy.  

Eternal father, turn your eyes towards the souls that do not believe in your Son, and towards those who still do not know you, but that are present in the very loving Heart of Jesus.  Let them approach the light of the Gospel.  These souls do not know the great happiness of loving you.  Allow them to praise the generosity of your Mercy, for ever and ever. Amen. (III, 60). 



"Today bring to me the souls of our separated brothers and immerse them in the in the immensity of my Mercy.  They during the anguishes of my Passion tore my Body and my Heart, that is to say, my Church.  As they return to her, my wounds heal, and they serve as a balsam to my Passion ". 

Merciful Jesus, You who are Kindness itself, do not deny the Light to those that are searching You.   Receive in your Heart, overflowing of mercy, the souls of our separated brothers.  Guide them with your light towards the unity of the Church, and you do not let them leave the dwelling of your loving Heart, that is all love, so that they too will glorify the generosity of your Mercy. 

Eternal father, turn your merciful glance towards the souls of our separated brothers, especially towards the souls of those who have squandered your blessings and abused your graces, staying obstinately in sin.  They are also welcomed in the merciful Heart of Jesus; do not focus on the errors but the Love of your Son and the sorrows that for their benefit he underwent and accepted on their behalf during his Passion and let them also glorify your great Mercy for ever and ever. Amen. (III, 60-61). 



"Today bring to me to the meek and humble souls and the souls of the small children and immerse them in my Mercy. These souls are most similar to my Heart.  They provided strength to me during my bitter Agony, since I saw them like earthly angels, watching next to my Altars.  They receive a torrent of graces from me, because only the humble soul is able to receive my Grace. It is to the humble souls to which I grant my Confidence ". 

Merciful Jesus, who said:  “Learn from Me, that I am tame and humble of Heart”. Welcome into your Heart of Mercy all the tame and humble souls, and those of small children.  These souls are the delight of the celestial regions and the favorites of the Eternal Father, who very particularly recreates in them. They are like flowers that spread their perfume before the throne of God and God himself delights with their aroma.  They find perennial shelter in your Most pious Heart, Oh, Jesus, and incessantly intone glory and love hymns. 

 Eternal father, turn your full glance from Mercy towards the tame souls, the humble souls and the souls of the curled up small children in the merciful Heart of Jesus.  These souls are those that resemble more your Son.  Its fragrance ascends from the Earth reaching your Throne, Lord and Father of Mercy and supreme Kindness.  Please bless all Mankind, by the love that inspire these souls to You and the joy that they provide to You, to obtain that all souls intone simultaneously, the praises that deserve your Mercy, for ever and ever. Amen. (III, 61-62). 



“Today bring to me the souls who especially venerate and glorify My mercy.  These souls sorrowed most over My Passion and entered most deeply into My spirit.  They are living images of My Compassionate Heart.  These Souls will shine with a special brightness in the next life.  Not one of them will go into the fire of hell.  I shall particularly defend each one of them at the hour of death”. 

Merciful Jesus, whose Heart is Love itself, welcome in your Most pious Heart the souls of those who in a special way praise and honor the greatness of your Mercy.  That they may receive the power of God and in the middle of difficulties and afflictions, that they may follow ahead, trusting in your Mercy; and together with You, Oh, Jesus, they carry on their shoulders the weight of all Mankind; and for that reason they will not be judged with severity, but that your Mercy will protect them especially at the hour of death.  

Eternal father, glance towards the souls that praise and honor your supreme attribute, the infinite Mercy, and that are protected within the very kind Heart of Jesus.  These souls are a living Gospel, their hands are overflowing with works of mercy, and their hearts, overflowing with joy, intone songs of praise to You, Highest Lord, exalting your Mercy.  I beg you, Lord:  Show them your Mercy, according to the hope and trust deposited in You.  Let the promise made by Jesus be fulfilled in them. "To the souls that venerate my infinite Mercy, I will protect them during all their life, like my own Glory, and very especially at the time of death".(III, 62) 



“Today bring to me the souls who are detained in Purgatory and immerse them in the Abyss of My mercy.  Let the torrents of My Blood cool down their scorching flames.  All these souls are greatly loved by Me.  They are making retribution to My justice.  It is in your power to bring them relief.  Draw all the indulgences from the treasury of My Church and offer them on their behalf.  Oh, if you only knew the torments they suffer, you would continually offer for them the alms of the spirit and pay off their debt for My justice”. 

Merciful Jesus, who said:  Mercy.  I now bring to your Heart, overflowing with Mercy, the souls suffering penance in Purgatory, souls deeply loved by you, but that must be cleansed in Purgatory. That the spring of Blood and Water that gushed from your Heart, extinguish the purifying flames, so that, also there, the power of your Mercy is glorified. 

Eternal father, watch with merciful eyes these souls that suffer in Purgatory and that Jesus welcomes in his overflowing Heart of compassion.  I beg of you, by the sorrowful Passion that your Son underwent, and by all the bitterness that flooded his most blessed Soul, that you are merciful with the souls that are under your just scrutiny.  Glance at them through the sores of Jesus, your beloved Son, because we firmly believe that your Kindness and Compassion are infinite. Amen. (III, 63-64). 



Today bring to me souls who have become lukewarm, and immerse them in the abyss of My mercy.  These souls wound My Heart most painfully.  My soul suffered the most dreadful loathing in the Garden of Olives because of lukewarm souls.  They were the reason I cried out:  “Father, take this cup away from Me, if it be Your will”.  For them the last hope of salvation is to run to My mercy. 

Most pious Jesus, You that are Mercy itself, today I bring you to your kind Heart the lukewarm souls.

 That these frozen souls, like corpses, who fill you with repugnance, are warmed up with the fire of your pure Love. Oh, Jesus, all compassion, exerts the omnipotence of your Mercy, and attracts them to You, that are the flame of pure Love and convey to them the fire of your divine Love, because You are almighty.  

Eternal father, look with merciful eyes the lukewarm souls that, in spite of everything, Jesus blankets in its Merciful Heart.  Father of Mercy, I request of you, by the sufferings that your Son underwent, and for the three long hours of Agony in the Cross:  that they also glorify the bottomless sea of your Mercy. Amen. (III, 64-65). 



The Love of God is the flower; The Mercy the fruit. That the undecided soul read these considerations on the Divine Mercy and recovers the confidence:  

Divine mercy, that emanates from God the Father, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, supreme attribute of God, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, incomprehensible mystery, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, spring that comes from mystery of the Holy Trinity, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, unfathomable for all human or angelical understanding, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, source of Life and Happiness, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, more sublime than the Heavens, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, springs of miracles and wonders, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, that encompasses all the universe, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, that came to Earth as the Word became Man, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, which flowed from the open wound opened in the Heart of Jesus, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, locked up within the Heart by us, and especially by the worst sinners, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, unfathomable in the Institution of the Holy Eucharist, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, that founded the Holy Church, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, present in the Sacrament of Holy Baptism, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, that justifies us through the merits of Jesus Christ, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, that accompanies us throughout all our life, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, that embraces us, especially at the time of death, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, that grants us immortal life, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, that accompanies us at every moment of our life, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, that protects us from the fires of Hell, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, that converts the most hardened sinners, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, wonder of angels and incomprehensible for the saints, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, unfathomable in all the mysteries of God, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, that rescues us from all misery, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, source of happiness and joy, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, that brought us into the existence, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, that encompasses all creations from your hands, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, that presides over all the works of God, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, where we are all submerged, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, sweet refuge of anguished hearts, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, only hope of desperate souls, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, tranquility to hearts and serenity in fear, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, joy and ecstasies of holy souls, I trust in You.

Divine mercy, that instills confidence when we lose hope, I trust in You

Eternal God, who has infinite mercy and an inexhaustible treasure of compassion, look to us with Your kind eyes, and increase Your mercy in us, so that at difficult times, we are not discouraged or disheartened, but instead, with complete trust in You, we accept Your will, that is Love and Mercy.  

Oh incomprehensible and infinite Divine Mercy, who will be able to adore you as you deserve.  You are the sweet hope of the sinner.  Join stars, sea and earth in a single hymn and proclaim all together, with your best voice, the Divine mercy, which we cannot understand.  (II, 296-297). 



The Mercy of God hidden in the Blessed Sacrament; the voice of the Lord who speaks to us from the throne of mercy:  Come to Me, all of you.  


- Jesus: Do not be scared, sinner soul, of your Savior; I am approaching you first, because I know that by yourself you are going to approach Me.  Do not flee, my daughter, from your Father; who wishes to speak to you about his Mercy and wishes to personally pardon you and fill you with graces.  Oh, how dear is your soul to me.  I sat you in My arms. And you are engraved in My Heart like a deep wound.   

 - The soul: Sir, I hear Your voice that calls for me to leave the bad ways, but I do not have either the courage or the strength. 

 - Jesus: I am your strength; I will give you strength to fight. 

 - The soul: Sir, I know Your sanctity and am scared of You.  

- Jesus: Why are you scared, My daughter, of the God of Mercy?  My sanctity does not prevent Me from being merciful with you.  Look, soul, for you I have instituted the throne of mercy on Earth and this throne is the tabernacle and from this throne of mercy I desire to come to your heart.  Look, I have surrounded myself neither by an entourage nor by guards, you, at any time, have access to Me, any hour of the day I desire to speak with you and grant you graces.  

 - The soul:  Sir, I fear you will not pardon such a great number of sins; my misery fills me with fear. 

- Jesus: My mercy is greater than your misery and the misery of the entire world. Who has measured My kindness?  For you, I came from heaven to Earth, and for you I was nailed at the cross, for you I allowed that My Sacred Heart be pierced by a lance, and opened the Source of Mercy for you.  Come and take graces from this source with a container of confidence.  I will never reject a sorry heart; your misery has been sunk in the abyss of My mercy.  Why would you dispute With me on your misery?  Do me a favor, give me all your pains and all your misery and I will overwhelm you with the treasures of My graces.  

- The soul: With Your kindness you have won, oh Lord, my heart of stone; here I am approaching with confidence and humility the tribunal of Your mercy, forgive me through the hand of Your representative.  Oh Lord, I feel that grace and peace have flowed to my poor soul.  I feel that Your mercy, Lord, has penetrated my soul totally.  You have pardoned me more than I could have expected, and more than whatever I could imagine.  Your kindness has surpassed all my desires. And now I invite You to my heart, full of gratitude for so many graces.  I had taken the wrong path like the prodigal son, but You did not stop being my Father.  Multiply in me Your mercy, because you see how weak thing I am. 

- Jesus: My daughter, do not speak any more of your misery, because I no longer remember it.  Listen My girl, what I wish to tell you:  hug My wounds and take from the source of life everything that your heart wishes.  Drink abundantly from the source of life and you will not stop during the trip.  Look at the shining of My mercy and do not be afraid of the enemies of your salvation.  Glorify My mercy. 


- Jesus: Oh soul submerged in darkness, you are not hopeless, everything is not lost, speak with your God that is Love and Mercy itself.  But, unfortunately, the soul remains deaf before the call of God, and sinks still to greater darkness. 

- Jesus calls again:  Soul, listen to the voice of your merciful Father.

- The soul awakes with the answer:  For me there is no longer mercy.  And it falls once more in dense darkness, in a species of desperation that gives the anticipated sensation of hell being unable to approach God.

- Jesus speaks to the soul a third time, but the soul is deaf and blind, as it begins to ascertain its the hardness and desperation.  Then the entrails of the mercy of God begin in a certain way to prevail without any cooperation from the soul, God gives his definitive grace.  If it despises it, God already leaves it in the state in which it wants to remain for eternity.  This grace comes from the merciful Heart of Jesus and reaches the soul with its light and the soul begins to understand the effort from God, but the conversion depends on her.  She knows that this is the last grace for her, and if she shows a single sparkle of good will, the mercy of God will make the rest.

- [Jesus]: Here the omnipotence of My mercy takes over; happy the soul that takes advantage of this grace.

- Jesus: With how much joy is My Heart filled when you return to Me.  I see You very weak, therefore I take you in My own arms and I take you to the house of My Father.

- The soul as if waking up:  Is it possible that there is still mercy for me? It asks fearfully?

- Jesus:  Precisely you, My child, have the exclusive right to My mercy.  Allow My mercy to act in you, in your poor soul; let the rays of grace enter your soul, they will introduce light, heat and life.

-The soul: Nevertheless fear invades me when I remember my sins and this terrible fear that pushes me to doubt Your kindness.

- Jesus: You have to know, oh soul, that all your sins have not hurt My Heart as deeply as your present distrust.  After so many efforts of My love and My mercy, you do not trust My kindness.

- The soul: Oh Lord, save me yourself, because I am perishing, be my Savior.  Oh Lord, I am unable to utter another word, my poor heart is torn, but You, Lord ……...

Jesus does not allow the soul to finish these words, raises it of the ground, of the abyss of misery and in a moment introduces it to the dwelling of his own Heart, and all sins disappear, seared by the ardor of love.

- Jesus: Here are, oh soul, all the treasures of My Heart, take from it whatever you need.

- The soul: Oh Lord, I feel flooded by Your grace, I feel that a new life has entered me and, first of all, I feel Your love in my heart, that is enough to me. Oh Sir, by all the eternity I will glorify the omnipotence of Your mercy; encouraged by Your kindness, I will express all my sorrows to Your heart.

- Jesus:  Say everything, my child, without reservations, because the Heart of your best friend that loves you, listens to you.

- The soul: Oh Sir, now I see all my ingratitude and Your kindness.  You were chasing me with Your grace and I frustrated all your efforts; I now realize that I deserve hell for having squandered your graces. 

- Jesus interrupts the words of the soul and [ says ]: Do not sink in the abyss of your misery, you are too weak to speak; rather watch My full Heart of kindness, absorbs My feelings and gleam its sweetness and humility.  Be merciful to others as I am merciful with you and when you feel your strength weakening, come directly to the Source of the Mercy and fortify your soul.

- The soul: Now I understand Your mercy that protects me as a bright cloud leading me to the house of my Father, saving me from a terrible hell which I have deserved, not one but a thousand times.  Oh Lord, eternity will not be sufficient to properly glorify Your unfathomable mercy, Your compassion with me.


- Jesus: Oh soul, I see you so overcome with sorrow, I see that you do not even have strength to speak to Me.  For that reason only I to will speak to you, oh soul.  Even if your sorrows were the greatest, do not lose the serenity of spirit or be discouraged.  But tell me, My girl, who has dared to hurt your heart?  Tell me everything that happened, tell me all, be sincere when dealing with me, uncover all the wounds of your heart, I will cure them and your sorrows will become the source of your sanctification.

- The soul:  Sir, my sufferings are so great and diverse and have lasted so long that I am starting to get discouraged.

 - Jesus:  My Girl Mine, you cannot be discouraged; I know you trust Me unconditionally, I am aware that you know My kindness and My mercy.  Therefore, let us talk, in detail of everything what weighs heavily in your heart.

 - The soul:  I have so many different things that I do not know where to start, and how to say it.

 - Jesus:  Talk to me plainly, as among friends.  Then, My girl, what is preventing you in the way of sanctity?

- The soul:  My health stops me in the way of sanctity; I cannot fulfill my obligations, because there is always something wrong with me.  I cannot be mortified nor fast as the saints did; furthermore no one believes that I am sick, so the physical and moral sufferings are united and from it many humiliations arise.  You see, Jesus, how is it possible to attain sainthood under these circumstances?

- Jesus:  Child, everything really is suffering, but there is no other way to heaven outside the Via Cruces.  I myself was the first to cross it.  You must know that this is the shortest and more reliable way.

- The soul:  Lord, again a new barrier and difficulty in the way of sanctity:  for being faithful to You I am persecuted and they make me suffer a lot. 

 - Jesus: You must know that the world hates you, because you are not of this world.  First it persecuted Me, this persecution is the omen that you follow my tracks with fidelity.

- The soul:  Lord I am discouraged that neither Mother Superior nor my confessor understands my inner sufferings.  Since doubts have entered my mind, then, how do I advance? All this have discouraged me greatly, thus I do not think that the heights of sanctity are for me.

- Jesus: Therefore, My girl, this time you have told me a lot.  I know that not being understood especially by those we love and to whom we have shown great sincerity, but suffice it to say that I understand all your pains and all your miseries.  I am pleased with your deep faith, in spite of everything that you have with My representatives but you must know that men cannot totally understand a soul, because that surpasses their possibilities.  For that reason I myself have remained on Earth to console your suffering heart and to fortify your soul so that you not detour on the way.  You say that at times great darkness cover your mind, then, why at such times don’t you come to Me that I am the light and at a single moment I can instill in your soul so much light and understanding of sanctity that you will not learn when reading any book nor any confessor is able to teach nor to illuminate thus the soul?  You have to know that I experimented this great darkness that clouds your mind for you previously at the Garden of Gethsemane in the Orchard of Olives.  My soul was crumpled by mortal sadness and I give a small sample of these sufferings due to My special love for you and the high degree of sanctity that I destined for you in heaven.  The soul that suffers is the one closest to My Heart. –

- The soul:  But one more thing, Lord:  what to do if they despise and reject me, especially those on whom I could count on at times of the greatest needs?

- Jesus:  My Girl, never depend on mankind.  You will accomplish many things if you totally give in to My will and you say:  Your will be done, oh God, not according to what I want but according to Your will.  I want you to know that these words pronounced from the bottom of the heart, at a single moment, elevate the soul to the summits of sanctity.  I am especially pleased with such soul, such soul renders a great glory to Me, such soul fills heaven with the fragrance of its virtues; but you must know that your inner strength to withstand the sufferings comes from your frequent reception of the Holy Communion; thus come often to this source of mercy and with the container of confidence it gathers any thing that you need. 

- The soul: Thanks, oh Lord, by your inconceivable kindness, for staying with us in this exile where you live with us as God of mercy and spread around You the graces of Your compassion and kindness.  By these graces, I have come to realize how much you love me.


- Jesus: Your efforts are very pleasing to me, oh soul that strive for perfection.  But why do I find you downcast and sad so frequently?  Tell me, My child, what is the reason for this sadness, and what is causing it? 

 - The soul: Sir, my sadness is due that in spite of my sincere intentions, I always commit the same sins.  I make the intentions in the morning and at night I see how much I have deviated from them.  

- Jesus: You see, My girl, what you are for yourself, and the cause of your pitfalls, is because you are depending a lot on you, and you depend very little on Me, but this should not sadden you too much, you are dealing with the God of Mercy, your misery will not exhaust it, and furthermore, there is no limit to the number of pardons. 

- The soul:  Yes, I know everything, but I am exposed to great temptations which awaken many doubts in me and additionally everything irritates and discourages me. 

 - Jesus:  My Girl, you must know that the greatest obstacle to sanctity is to be discouraged and unjustified restlessness that rob you of the possibility to practice the virtues.  All temptations put together should not disturb your inner peace and the lack of courage and downheartedness are the fruits of your pride.  You should not be discouraged, rather try that My love reigns instead of your pride.  Therefore, My girl, have confidence, do not be discouraged, always to Me so I can forgive you, because I am always willing to do it.  Every time you request it, you glorify My mercy. 

The soul:  I acknowledge what is perfect, and what pleases you the most, but I face great obstacles - great temptations come to me and I have several doubts and I get discouraged and irritated. 

- The soul: I recognize what is more perfect and what please more to You, but face great obstacles to fulfill what I know. 

 - Jesus:  My Child, life on Earth life is a fight and a great fight for My kingdom, but do not be afraid since you are not alone.  I always back you up, so grab me by My arm and fight without any fear.  Take the container of the confidence and drink from the source of the life not only for you, but also think about other souls, especially in those that do not have confidence in My kindness.  

- The soul: Oh Lord, I feel that my heart is full of Your love, that the rays of Your mercy and Your love have penetrated my soul.  Here I am, Lord, to answer Your call, I am going to conquer the souls supported by Your grace; I am ready to follow you Lord, not only Mt. Tabor, but also to Calvary.  I wish to bring the souls to the Source of Your Mercy so that in every soul the glare of rays of Your mercy is reflected, so that the house of our Father is full, and when the enemy begins to shoot arrows against me, then I will cover myself with Your mercy like with a shield.


 The soul:  Lord and Teacher, I wish to speak with you.-           

- Jesus: Speak, because I listen to you at all times, beloved child; I always wait for you.  About what do you wish to speak to me?

- The soul:  Lord, first I spill my heart at your feet as perfume of gratitude for so many graces and benefits with which you have overwhelmed me continuously and which I would be unable to enumerate even if I wanted to do it.  I cannot recall a single moment of my life when I did not experience Your protection and Your kindness.

- Jesus:  It pleases me to speak with you and your gratefulness opens new treasures of graces, but perhaps My child, we should speak not so generally, but in more details of what weighs more in your heart; let us speak sincerely and confidentially like two hearts mutually in love.

- The soul: Oh my merciful Lord, there are secrets in my heart of which no one except You have or will ever have knowledge, because even if I wanted to tell them, no one would understand me.  Your representative knows something about these secrets, since I go to confession with him, but the rest should remain between us for eternity, oh My Lord!  You have covered me with the cloak of Your mercy having pardoned me always for my sins.  Not once have you denied me Your pardon, but that having compassion of me, you have always overwhelmed to me with a new life, the life of grace.  In order for me not to have any doubts about anything, you have entrusted me to the affectionate protection of Your Church, this true, tender mother whom in Your name affirms to me in the truths of the faith and watches that I am never mistaken.  And especially in the court of Your mercy my soul experiences a world of benevolence.  The fallen angels have not been given time them to make penance; you have not prolonged to them the time of mercy.  Oh My Lord, throughout my life you have put holy priests who have indicated a safe route to me.  Jesus, in my life there is another secret, the deepest, but also the most cherished by me.  You are it, You yourself under the species of bread when you come to my heart.  Here it is the secret of my sanctity.  Here my heart jointed to Yours is made one, there is no longer any secret here, because all Yours mine, and all mine is Yours.  Here is the omnipotence and the miracle of Your mercy.  Although all human and angelical languages were united, they could not find words to properly convey this mystery of love and Your unfathomable mercy.  When I consider this mystery of love, my heart enters new ecstasies of love and I speak of everything, Lord to You, being quiet, because the language of love is without words, because not a single beat of my heart escapes.  Oh Lord, although you have humiliated yourself so much, Your greatness has been multiplied in my soul many times over and for that reason in my soul a still greater love towards You has evolved, the only object of my love has awakened, because the life of love and the union is pronounced by outside like: perfect purity, deep, sweet humility and love to our fellow men, great fervor for the salvation of souls.  Oh my sweetest Lord, watch over me at every moment and inspire me on how I must behave in any given case; when my heart chooses between one thing or another.  You yourself have intervened, more of once, in solving the matter.  Oh, how many and innumerable times, with a sudden light you made me know what it pleased You the most.

- Oh, how many of these secret pardons that nobody knows about them.  Often you have poured strength and values in my soul to proceed.  You yourself have eliminated the difficulties out of my way affecting the performance of the men.  Oh Jesus, everything that I have said is but a miniscule part of the reality that is there in my heart.  Oh My Jesus, how much I desire the conversion of sinners.  You know what I do for them to conquer them for You.  Every offense to You hurts me enormously.  You know that no effort of any type is spared in defense of Your kingdom.  Although my efforts on Earth are invisible, but they do not have less value to Your eyes.  Oh Jesus, I desire to attract all souls to the Source of Your Mercy so that they take the vivifying water of life with the container of the confidence.  If the soul wishes to experience a greater mercy of God, let him approach God with great confidence and if its confidence is without limits, the mercy of God will be for them also without limits.  Oh my Lord, who know each beat of my heart, You know how badly I want every heart to beat exclusively for You, may each soul glorify the greatness of Your mercy.

- Jesus: My beloved daughter, delight of My Heart, your conversation is dearer and more pleasing to Me than the song of the angels. All the treasures of My Heart are open for you. Takes from this Heart everything that you need for yourself and for the entire world.  By your love I hold back the right punishments that mankind deserves.  A single act of pure love towards Me, is more pleasant to Me than thousands of hymns of imperfect souls.  One single sigh of love compensates Me of so many insults with which they feed to Me.  Your smallest act, that is to say, an act of virtue acquires to My eyes an immense value and is by the great love that you have for Me.  In a soul that lives exclusively on My love, I reign like in heaven.  I watch over her day and night and I find in her My complacency and My ear is kind to the pleas and the murmur of its heart and often grants her requests in advance.  Oh my child, loved by Me particularly, pupil of My eye, rests a little while next to My Heart and savors the love which you will enjoy during all eternity.

- But, daughter, you are not yet home (Heaven), therefore, be fortified with My grace and fights for My kingdom in the human souls and fight like a royal daughter and remembers that soon  the days of exile will pass, and with them the opportunity to acquire merits for heaven.  I hope from you, My daughter, a great number of souls that glorify My mercy during all the eternity.  My daughter, so that you answer My call with dignity, receive Me daily in Holy Communion, it will give strengthen you.


Ugo Festa was born in Vicenza, Italy in 1951.  He was struck down at an early age with multiple sclerosis.  Gradually his health deteriorated.  This led to many other problems in his young life.  By the age of 39 he was suffering from multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy and epilepsy.  Early in 1990 his spine was becoming distorted and he was having seizures daily.  He had been continually attending doctors since he first contracted the disease, but they could do nothing for him.  He decided there was nothing left to try but prayer. 

On the April 28, 1990 Ugo went with a pilgrimage to rome.  In this unfortunate situation he was introduced to Mother Teresa who was in Rome at the time with a group whom he also became acquainted with.  Ugo was invited along with this group to a retreat at the shrine of Divine Mercy in Trent, but he refused.  On leaving, one of the group, a nun, gave him five copies of the Divine Image Picture and a Divine Mercy medal.  The following day the 29th April 1990 Ugo wore the medal and carried in his arms the images to be blessed to the papal audience at the Vatican.  At the bottom of the steps to St. Peters the Holy Father passed by.  After blessing the pictures the Pope asked him how he was. 

Ugo told him he felt very despondent and was at a crisis in his life.  The Holy Father said:  How could you have a crisis with Jesus the Divine Mercy in your arms?”  Entrust yourself to him and pray to my Sr. Faustina to intercede.  With this advice Ugo changed his mind and decided that he would go to the Divine Mercy Shrine in Trent.  At the side altar in the Villa O’Santissima Villazzano, Trent, there is a shrine to the Divine Mercy with a  life size icon of the Divine Image.  On the fourth day of praying in front of this icon Ugo suddenly noticed the arms of the image stretched out to him and a tremendous warmth flowed through his body.  He found himself standing, on his feet with his arms outstretched to the Lord and he heard himself loudly praising Jesus the Divine Mercy.  He saw Jesus coming down to him, his white garment blowing as if in a breeze, he thought, “My God, this is the man from Galilee coming towards me”.  He heard Jesus say in a clear voice, “Rise up and walk”.  He began to walk.  All his ailments were at that instant cured and he was more physically perfect that he had ever been in his life.  On August 19th, 1990, Ugo returned to the Vatican and during a Papal Audience at Paul VI Hall, was taken to meet John Paul II again.  He told him about the great grace he had received and thanked him for the words of inspiration which led him to Trent, and resulted in this great miracle of Divine Mercy.  He gave John Paul a copy of the Divine Image, with the signatures on the back of the many people who witnessed the miracle on that day. 

Today Ugo Festa devotes his life to Jesus voluntarily working with disabled people and spreading the Message of Divine Mercy throughout Italy.


Before the age of 15, Maureen Digan enjoyed a normal healthy life.  Than she was struck down with a very serious, slowly progressive but terminal disease called Lymphedima.  This is a disease that does not respond to medication and does not go into remission.  Within the next ten years Maureen had 59 operations and had lengthy confinements in Hospital of up to a year at a time.  Friends and relations suggested she should pray and put her trust in God.  But Maureen could not understand why God had allowed her to get this disease in the first place, and had lost her faith completely.  Eventually her deteriorating condition necessitated the amputation of one leg.  One evening while Maureen was in hospital her husband Bob went to a film called Divine Mercy No Escape, and there he became convinced of the healing powers of intercession by Sr. Faustina.  Bob persuaded Maureen and the Doctors that she should go to the tomb of Sr. Faustina in Poland.  They arrived in Poland on March 23, 1981 and Maureen went to confession for the first time since she was a young firl.  At the tomb (now the Shrine of Blessed Faustina) Maureen remembers saying in her own inimitable style “O.K. Faustina I came a long way, now do something”……  In her heart she heard Sr. Faustina say “If you ask for my help, I will give it to you”.  Suddenly she thought she was having a nervous breakdown.  All the pain seemed to drain out of her body and her swollen leg which was due to amputated shortly, went back to its normal size.  When she returned to the U.S.A., she was examined by five independent doctors who came to the conclusion that she was completed healed.  They had no medical explanation for the sudden healing of this incurable disease.  The accumulated evidence for this miracle was appointed by the Sacred congregation for the causes of saints, having passed this test it was examined by a team of theologians, and finally by a team of cardinals and bishops.  The cure was accepted by all as a miracle caused by Sr. Faustina’s intercession to the Divine Mercy.  Sr. Faustina was beatified on 18th April 1993.

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