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Said the Lord to the very devout woman Maria Incarnation: "Ask me in the name of the Heart of my Mother, and you receive whatever wish". 

At the present time, it is urgent that we consecrate ourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary to be protected and consoled against everything that can happen in our life and the world.  Since Fátima the Most Holy Virgin has been requesting this consecration. 


- I want that you come here next month on the 13th, that you pray the rosary every day and that you learn to read.  Later I will say additionally what I want. 

I requested healing for a patient.  

- If the patient converts, healing will take place within the year. 

- I would like for You to take us to heaven. 

- Yes, Jacinta and Francisco I will take to heaven shortly, but you will stay here sometime.  Jesus wants you to make Me known and to love.  He wants to establish in the world the devotion to my Immaculate Heart.  Whoever embraces it, I promise salvation and their souls will be loved by God like flowers put by me to adorn his Throne.  

- Am I to remain alone here? - I asked with pain.  

No, my daughter.  And you suffer a lot for that reason?  Do not be discouraged!  I will never leave you. My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and the path that will lead you to God.  

At that moment she opened her hands and communicated to usfor the second time the reflection of the immense light that surrounded her.. In this light we were like immersed in God.  Jacinta and Francisco seemed to be in the part of light that rises up towards heaven, and I was in the part of light scattered on the ground.  In front of the palm of the right hand of Our Lady there was a heart surrounded by thorns that seemed to pierce it.  We understood that it was the Immaculate Heart of Mary, offended by the sins of the mankind, that wanted reparation. 


Sacrifice for sinners, and say often, and especially when you make a sacrifice:  for sinners, and especially when you make a sacrifice: "Oh, Jesus, it is for your love, for the conversion of sinners and in atonement of the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary".  When saying these last words her hands opened like in previous months.  The reflection seemed to penetrate the soil and we saw like a sea of fire and submerged in the fire demons and souls as if they were transparent and black or bronzed live embers, of human form human, like dancing in the fire carried by the flames that they carried, together with clouds of smoke, dropping to all sides, looking like embers of a great bonfire, but without weight or balance, between screams and moans of pain and desperation that caused us tremendous amount of trepidation and fear.  (They probably heard me say “Ouch” which they heard according to them).  The demons distinguished themselves by their horrible and revolting forms of frightful and unknown animals, but transparent like black coals.  Frightened, and as requesting assistance, we raised our eyes to Our Lady, who said with kindness and sadness to us: 

-     You have seen hell, where the souls of the poor sinners go.  In order to save them God wants to establish in the world the devotion to my Immaculate Heart.  If they do what I say, many souls will be saved, and they will have peace. The war end shortly, but if they do not stop offending God during the papacy of of Pío XI another worse war will begin.  When you see the sky illuminated by an unknown light you will know that it is the great signal that God is giving you, with which the world will be punished for its crimes by means of war, hunger, the persecution of the Church and the Holy Father.  In order to prevent this from happening, I will come to request the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart and the repairing communion of the first Saturdays.  If they heed my wishes, Russia will be converted and there will be peace; if not, it will scatter its errors through the world, promoting wars and persecutions of the Church:  the good ones will be martyred; the Holy Father will suffer greatly, several nations will be annihilated.  Finally, my Immaculate Heart will prevail.  The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, that will convert, and a period of peace will be granted to the world.  In Portugal the dogma of the faith will be always conserved, etc. (Here, the third part of the secret, written by Lucia between December. 22, 1943 and January 9, 1944.) This you must not divulge to anybody.  To Francisco, you can say it. 

      - When you pray the rosary, say after each mystery: "Oh, My Jesus forgive us our  sins, save us from the fires of hell, take all souls to heaven, especially those in most need of your mercy.” 


 October 13, 1988 - Message Nº 1534  

Today for five years the Virgin Sacred, has been speaking to me.

I see her and she says to me:  Gladys, I am the Mother, who from the first day that spoke to you, does not stop to pronounce words of confidence in God, to call men to prayer,  to conversion.  They are messages, that men must understand bear the Love of the Mother from Heave for her  children; messages, that must be received with humility, but also with open hearts. 

My children must know, that I call them to the Consecration, because Being consecrated to My Heart, they belong to the Mother and the Son. 

 My Light, will clear eliminate all darkness and will help my children, to walk the Path that the Lord has set.  Blessed be God.  

The following Message spells out what we could call the great promise of Mary to those who consecrate themselves to her Immaculate Heart: 

-    This I say to all my children of the universe: Come to My Heart and from there, you will live in closeness to the Lord.           

-     From My Heart you will love him, from my heart you will gain fidelity towards Him; from My Heart you will arrive at his Sacred Heart.

-     Glory to the Almighty. (M. 1369)   

Mary promises to liberate the Consecrated one of the demon and she guarantees them eternal life: -           

-    (Message 275): To all my children who consecrate yourselves to your Mother, I say to you: My Heart receives joyfully that commitment of love which you offer because they are souls that will be saved from the clutches of evil, deserving Eternal Glory, the Glory of the Lord. 


June 7, 1986

Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary  

Anchor of Salvation.  

"Today I want to express my maternal gratitude for accepting my invitation to consecrate yourself to my Immaculate Heart. 

In great number you have responded from all parts of the world.  Continue responding with generosity and allow me to lead you to the safe refuge, that my maternal love has prepared for you. 

During these times, all of you need to come to the safe refuge of my Immaculate Heart, because serious dangers of evil things are looming about you.   

These evil things are spiritual in nature, that can damage the supernatural life of your souls.  

Sin is expanding like the most vicious of epidemics, bringing disease and death to very many souls.  If you usually lived in mortal sin, you are spiritually dead; and if you arrive at the end of your life in that state, you will live in hell for all eternity.   

Hell exists, it is eternal, and today many are in danger to fall in it to be infected by that mortal disease. 

There are evils of physical order, like misfortunes, accidents, droughts, earthquakes, incurable diseases that propagate.  You must see in all of these things a warning for you.   

You must see in all of them a Divine sign of Justice, that cannot allow all the endless number of crimes committed every day to go unpunished. 

There are the evils of social order, like division and hatred, hunger and poverty, exploitation and slavery, violence, terrorism and war. 

To protect you from all these evils, I invite you to seek shelter in the sure refuge of my Immaculate Heart. 

But during these times, you have the necessity, above all, to be protected from the terrible ambushes of my Adversary, who has managed to establish his kingdom in the world.  

It is the kingdom that is against Christ, the kingdom of the Antichrist.  In the last period of your century its kingdom will arrive at the summit of its force, its power, its great seduction.  

The time is near when an innocuous man will want to place himself in the position of God, to be adored like God, will reveal himself. 

Under the bloody flagellum of this terrible test, how will you  be able to avoid the dispersion and the discouragement and to remain strong and faithful only to Jesus and the Gospel?  

My Immaculate Heart will be your strongest defense, the protection shield, that will save you from the attacks of my Adversary.  

But today you have special necessity to be consoled.  

To whom will you resort, at the painful moments that await you, when the great apostasy reaches its zenith,  and mankind arrives at the maximum vertex of the negation of God and the rebellion, the iniquity and discord, hatred and destruction, evil and cruelty? 

In my Immaculate Heart you will be consoled!  

Today, I repeat to you, what I said to by daughter Sister Lucia in Fatima.  My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge and the safe way that will lead you to God. 

On this day, in which the Church venerates me particularly,  I desire that my Immaculate Heart be the anchor of salvation for all ". 


There are several prayers that we can recite to consecrate ourselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Let us choose one to recite the day of our consecration to Mary, which should be a Marian holiday, for example, Immaculate Conception, Young Virgin, Annunciation, Assumption, the first Saturday of the month and many others that are in the calendar.  Thereafter, it is advisable that we recite it every day to renew our consecration.  

We can choose one of these two prayers: 


"Oh Mother! I want To consecrate myself to You.
Virgin Mary today I consecrate my life to You.
I feel the need of your constant presence in my life,
so that you protect me, you guide me and you console me
I know that in You my soul will find repose
and anguish will not enter me,
my defeat will become victory,
my weakness is strength in You. Amen ".


Virgin of Fátima, Mother of Mercy, Queen of Heaven and the Earth, refuge of the sinners, we, adhering to the Marian Movement, we consecrate ourselves in a very special way to Your Immaculate Heart. 

With this act of consecration we want to live with You and through You, all the commitments imposed in our baptismal consecration; we commit ourselves to make within us that inner conversion, so required by the Gospel, that liberates us from all attachment to ourselves and from the easy commitments with the world, to be, like You, always available to make the Will of the Father. 

And while we want to entrust you, sweetest and merciful Mother, our existence and Christian vocation, so that You do with them as you see fit for your designs of salvation, at this decisive hour that weighs on the world, we commit ourselves to live it according to Your desires, insofar as what it refers to a renewed spirit of prayer and penance, to the devoted and fervent participation in the celebration of the Eucharist and to the apostolate, the daily prayer of the Holy Rosary and to an austere way of life, according to the Gospel, so that I can be a a good example for all in the observance of the Law of God, in the exercise of the Christian virtues, especially the virtue of purity.  

We also promise You to be united to the Holy Father, the Hierarchy and our Priests, to place a barrier to those engaged in the Teaching process, that threatens the very foundations of the Church. 

Under Your protection, today we also want to be the apostles of this unit of prayer and love to the Pope, so necessary for which we invoke from You a special protection. 

Finally, we promise to bring the souls of those with whom we come in contact with, to a renewed devotion towards You.   

Aware that atheism has shipwrecked a great number of souls, every since the demystification has entered the Holy Temple of God, and that sin and evil propagate more and more in the world,  today we dare to raise our eyes, trusting in You,  Mother of Jesus and our merciful and powerful Mother, and also to invoke and expect from you the salvation for all your children.  Oh clement, Oh loving, Oh sweet Virgin Mary!

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