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To request prayers



If you wish to request assistance from the Holy Mother of God, you can send a setter to the home of Mrs. Gladys Quiroga Motta, who receives daily apparitions from the Holy Virgin at San Nicolas, Argentina, who is the same every day loving Virgin Mary, and was instructed by the Most Holy Virgin herself, to read all messages and to pray for those intentions.

Gladys’ address is as follows:

Cortada Pasaje Figari 122

San Nicolas, Buenos Aires, Argentina

CP 2900

If you wish, you could telephone her.

In Argentina the number is:  0336  4422871

Outside Argentina, the number is (011-54-336-4422871 (From the United Status)

This is Glady’s mission and she herself authorized to publish this information, since this is her mission..

Please try and you Hill see wonderful results.

Mary of the Holy Rosary of San Nicolas.

Pray for us!


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