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Affirms St. Thomas Aquinas that “there are three things that God could not have made more sublime than what they are:  the humanity of Our Lord Jesus Christ,  the glory of the chosen ones, and the incomparable Mother of God, of whom it is said that God could not have made a superior mother.  You can increase one fourth thing, in lieu of St. Joseph. God could not have made a more sublime father than the adoptive Father of the Man-God".  

To which St. Bernard adds:  "Since everything what belongs to the wife also belongs to the husband, we can surmise that Joseph can distribute as he seems fit the rich treasures of grace that God entrusted to Mary, his chaste Wife". 

"Additionally, in the course of the years spent in Nazaret, Jesus tenderly overwhelmed the heart of St. Joseph with love as no created father ever felt nor will it feel,  ' not only - as Fr. Huguet- says so that Joseph could love him like a Son, but so that he could love all the men like all his children, then, in the same way who all we are children of Mary, therefore we are also of St. Joseph  (...) and after the devotion to the Most Holy Virgin, nothing is more pleasant to God nor more beneficial for our souls that the devotion to the patriarch Saint, St. Joseph’". 

 "Having granted to St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi - one of the most glorious Saints daughters of Our Lady of the Scapular - to contemplate in ecstasies the glory of St. Joseph, exclaimed:   'Joseph, united as you are to Jesus and Mary, is as a shining star that protects the souls that under Mary’s banner battle for life". 

"When St. Therese of Lisieux founded the first monastery of the Reformation of the Carmel, our Lord said to her:  'I wish that it is dedicated to St. Joseph, and that it takes his name.  This saint will keep one of the doors and the Most Holy Virgin the other and I will be between you' ". 

"Again, was St. Therese in a simple church of the Dominican Priests, when she felt that somebody placed on her shoulders a most beautiful robe.   For a few fleeting moments, she did not see who put it there, but shortly after recognized the Most Holy Virgin and her blessed husband St. Joseph.  The saint experienced in her heart a great joy.  Mary  spoke and while St. Therese listened to that celestial voice, she had the impression to be holding the hand of the Virgin.  'I am so happy that you have consecrated it to St. Joseph [ to its first convent of the Carmelite  reform] that you can request anything you want for your convent, with the absolute certainty that you will receive it'.  Both Holy Spouses placed then in the hands of St.Therese a precious stone of great value and left the Saint filled with the purest joy and the most ardent desire of entirely being consumed by the power of the divine love.-  

"One day, upon leaving their monastery, two Carmelite monks found a venerable  elder that advanced in their direction.  He stepped between both of them and asked them where they were from. The elder replied that they were Carmelites. 

-Father- asked then the stranger- why are you, the Carmelites, so devoted to St. Joseph?

The monk gave several reasons, emphasizing that mainly St. Therese had had that devotion and she had engrained it to those that followed her.  When the father finished speaking, the stranger said: - 

-'Listen to me and have the same devotion to St. Joseph than St. Therese had; whatever you request from him, you will obtain'.  

And saying this, the stranger disappeared ". 

 I cannot recall of anything that I asked of St. Joseph, said St. Therese to me, that St. Joseph did not do.  

It is frightening the many Graces that God has granted me through the intercession of this Fortunate Saint. 

I am yet to know someone who is truly devoted to St. Joseph who is not filled with virtues, because he rewards the souls that are entrusted to him.  

I only request for the love of God whoever does not believe it, and will soon find out by experience the great benefit that is gained by entrusting ourselves to this glorious Patriarch and to have devotion to him. 


Glorious Patriarch St., Joseph, whose power knows to make impossible things possible, come to my aid in this moment of anguish and difficulty.  Take under your protection the serious and difficult situations that I entrust to you, so that they come to a happy solution.  My beloved Father, all my trust is placed in You.  Do not allow to be said that I have invoked you in vain since you can do everything before Jesus and Mary, show me that your kindness is as great as your power.  Amen. 


            Powerful patron of human lineage, shelter of sinners, safe refuge of souls, effective aid of the afflicted, pleasant consolation of the homeless, glorious St. Joseph, the last moment of my life has inevitably to arrive; perhaps my soul will agonize terribly distressed with the representation of my bad life and my many faults; the passage to eternity will be extremely hard; the demon, my enemy, will try to terribly fight me with all the power of hell, so that I lose God eternally; my forces in the natural thing have to be null: I will not have any human help; from now on, then, I invoke you, my fathe; in your sponsorship I take refuge; assist me at that critical moment so that I do not lack in the faith, the hope and in the charity; when you died, your Son and my God, your Wife and my Lady, drove away the demons so that they did not dare to fight your spirit.  For these favors and for those which in life they did to you, I request that you drive away these enemies, so that I may end my life peacefully, loving Jesus, Mary and you, St. Joseph.  Let it be.

Jesus, Joseph and Mary, I give you my heart and soul.

Jesus, Joseph and Mary, assist me in the last agony.

Jesus, Joseph and Mary, receive my soul upon my death.



Throughout St. Joseph’s life, he was a continuing act of the most difficult and dark faith and obedience in circumstances that God put to him.  He is truly "the faithful and trustworthy administrator who the Lord placed in charge of his family" (Lc 12, 42).  From immemorial time, the Church has come to venerate and invoke him as the continuation in her mission that one day had towards its Founder and Mother.  During the darkest nights, the example of St. Joseph is an unshakeable stimulus for the acceptance without reserves of the will of God.  In order to promote that veneration and imitation and to ask for his aid, we present below the ever present Exercise of the seven Joys and Sorrows.  

By the sign of the Holy Cross, our Lord, liberate us from our enemies.  In the Name of the Father,  and of the Son,  and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen. - Act of contrition. 


Glorious Patriarch St. Joseph, effective consolation of the afflicted and safe refuge of the dying; please accept the homage of this Exercise that I am going to say in memory of your seven sorrows and joys.  And just as in your happy death, Jesus Christ and his mother Mary so lovingly and tenderly consoled You, please also assist me at that critical moment, so that, not lacking in faith, hope, and charity, makes me worthy, by the merits of the blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ and your patronage, of the attainment of eternal life, and therefore of your company in Heaven.  Amen.  

First sorrow and joy  

Husband of Mary, glorious St. Joseph, what affliction and distress in your heart in the perplexity in which you were placed without knowing if you had to leave or not your wife!   But how great was your joy when the angel revealed to you the great mystery of the Incarnation!  

For this sorrow and this joy we request that you now console our heart and in our last sorrows, with the joy of a right life and a saintly death, similar to yours, assisted by  Jesus and Mary.  

Our Father, Hail Mary, and   Glory.

Second sorrow and joy

Glorious patriarch St. Joseph, selected to be adoptive father of the Son of God made man, the sorrow which you experienced seeing the Boy Jesus born in so great poverty, suddenly changed into celestial joy when hearing the harmonious concert of the angels and when contemplating the wonders of that so shining night.  

For this sorrow and this joy allow us that at the end of our life, we will listen to the praises of the angels and enjoy the heavenly glory. 

Our Father, Hail Mary, and   Glory.   

Third sorrow and joy  

Obedient executor of divine laws, glorious St. Joseph, the most precious blood that the Young Redeemer spilled in its circumcision pierced your the heart, but the given name  of Jesus that was given to him, comforted you, filling you of joy. 

 For this sorrow and this joy allow us to live free from sin, in order to expire joyfully with the name of Jesus in the heart and the lips. 

Our Father,  Hail Mary, and Glory.  

Fourth sorrow and joy  

Faithful saint, that participated in the mysteries of our redemption, glorious St. Joseph, even when Simon’s prophecy about the sorrows that Jesus and Mary had to undergo, caused you pain, nevertheless filled you also of joy, announcing at the same time the salvation and glorious resurrection that would follow for a great number of souls.  

For this sorrow and this joy allow us to be counted amongst those to revive gloriously by the merits of Jesus and the intercession of the Virgin Mary. 

Our Father, Hail Mary, and   Glory.  

Fifth sorrow and joy  

Watchful guard of the Son of God made man, glorious St. Joseph, how much you suffered having to feed and to cater to the Son as God, particularly in your escape to Egypt, but how great was your joy always having with you the same God, seeing how the idols of Egypt were demolished.  

For this sorrow and this joy allow us to always move away from the demon, mainly fleeing from dangerous occasions, and to demolish from our heart all material idol, so that we may always be occupied in serving Jesus and Mary, we live only for them and we die joyfully in their love. 

Our Father, Hail Mary, and  Glory.  

Sixth sorrow and joy  

Earth Angel, glorious St. Joseph, who could admire the King of heaven, subservient to your guidance, even when the happiness of bringing him to Egypt was marred by fear from Arquelao, nevertheless, tranquilized soon after by the Angel lived happily thereafter in Nazaret with Jesus and Mary.  

For this sorrow and this joy allow us the grace to exile from our heart all injurious fear, to have the peace of conscience, to live safe with Jesus and Mary and also to die attended by them. 

Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory.  

Seventh sorrow and joy 

Model of all sanctity, glorious St. Joseph, that after losing the Boy Jesus during three days without being at fault, you looked for him during three days with deep pain, until full of joy, found him in the temple, in the middle of the doctors.   

For this sorrow and this joy, we plead from the depths of our heart, that you intervene so that it may never happen for us to lose to Jesus by some serious sin.  But if unfortunately we lose him, cause us to search for him with such pain that we do not cease until finding him, in our death, in order to go to enjoy him in heaven and to eternally sing with You its divine mercies.  

Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory.  


Jesus himself was thought to be son of Joseph, up until about thirty years of age.  Pray for us, St. Joseph, so that we may be worthy of the promises of Christ.  

Final Prayer  

Oh God, that with indescribable providence, you deigned to choose the fortunate Joseph as husband of your Most Holy Mother, we ask you to grant us to have as intercessor in heaven that whom we venerate on Earth as our protector.  You who live and  reign forever and ever.  Amen.  


For love of God the Father, You, St. Joseph, have been called father of Jesus and, together with the spiritual maternity of Mary, now also our father our.  To you we consecrated our life and the mission that God has entrusted to us.  We ask you to intercede before the Lord for us, to intercede for the Holy Church for its salvation, and that you intercede in our prayer and take it to God.

You, husband of Mary, chaste, just, prudent and humble, allow that these glorious virtues, bloom in our spirit and, for the glory of God, in the world.  

Make us sweet and docile, kind and tender to our fellow men, especially with our parents, children, family and brothers, not from our insignificance, but from God, leaving Him is us and us in Him, who is all mighty.  Beloved St. Joseph, teach us to disappear, as You who are present but in You is only the Divine Spirit the one that remains and You disappear in the silence of love. 

Pray so that in the presence of the Holy Spirit, we recognize that without God we are nothing and nothing can we do; pray so that God acts in our heart like in yours; pray so that our pettiness disappears and your greatness appears, when acknowledging our weakness in the presence of His Love.  For Jesus Christ Our Lord, Amen.  

Glory be to the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit; as it was in the beginning, is now and always will be forever and ever.  Amen


+ The sign of the Cross.    

+ In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Amen.  

Prayer: Oh St. Joseph, that with love you worked the wood in this life, fleeting life, to provide the daily bread to your family; Oh St. Joseph, now in heaven with Christ, who had to be extended on the wood to give man eternal life, teach us to recognize in the every day task the way towards God.   

1- For all the time that you waited for Mary, give us the virtue to silently and patiently wait, i.e. give us peace.  

Our Father, five Hail Maries, Glory, and prayer.   

Beloved St. Joseph, cause my faith to grow, so in it I will search for hope and charity. 

2- By accepting in abstention Mary to marry, give us the virtue to live in purity and abstention.  

3- By accepting the paternity of Jesus, give us the virtue to only make the will of God.  

4- For the day that you left everything to save your Son, give us the virtue to fulfill what God requests and to live, like You, in holy obedience. 

5- For the day that you found your Son speaking with wisdom and kept quiet, give us the virtue to keep quiet and to listen to that who speaks in the name of God.  

Prayer: You, St. Joseph, patron of families, protector of the Church, defender of children and faithful guardian of the mothers, help us to receive the grace and thus reach the glorious virtues of your heart in the abstention,  in the prudence, justice and humility. Amen.  

To conclude:  Prayer for the Holy Father so that he leads us to the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus: 

Our Father, three Hail Maries, and Glory. 

+ The sign of the Cross.  Amen

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