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Lucia, the Fátima seer, was a candidate at the Convent of the Doroteas in Pontevedra, Spain when she has an apparition of the Virgin on a cloud of light, with baby Jesus at her side.  The Most Holy Virgin placed her hand on Lucia’s shoulder, while on the other Her heart was surrounded by thorns.  The Boy said to her:  "Have compassion of the Heart of your Most Holy Mother.  It is surrounded with the thorns that the ungrateful men nail to it frequently, and nobody makes an act of reparation to remove them from it." 

Immediately Our Lady said to Lucia:

"Look my daughter, my Heart surrounded by thorns that the ungrateful men incessantly nail with blasphemies and lack of gratitude to me.  You, at least, try to console me, and tell all those that during five consecutive months, on the first Saturday, confess, receive Holy Communion, pray the  Rosary and keep me company during 15 minutes meditating on the mysteries of the rosary with the purpose of making amends to me, I promise them to assist them at the hour of death with the necessary graces  for their salvation " 

Lucia spoke (to Jesus) of the confession for the first Saturdays and asked if it could done within eight days.  Jesus answered: "Yes; still with more time, provided they receive me in a state of grace, and they have purpose to make reparations to the Immaculate Heart of Mary ".  The intention to make this repair to the Immaculate Heart of Mary can be set forth at the beginning. 

Why 5 Saturdays?  

After Lucia had been praying, Our Lord revealed the reason of the 5 Saturdays of reparation:  "My daughter, the reason is simple:  there are 5 types of offenses and blasphemies launched against the Immaculate Heart of Mary:  

1 Blasphemies against its Immaculate Conception.

2 Against its virginity.

3 Against its Divine Maternity, at the same time refusing to receive it like Mother of mankind.

4 Against those that publicly try to instill in the hearts of children, the indifference, the scorn and even hatred towards the Immaculate Mother.

5 Against those that scorn Her in her sacred images." 

"Here it is my daughter, why in front of this scorned Immaculate Heart, my mercy has been moved to request this small reparation, and to those offering such act, to grant pardon to the souls that had the misfortune to offend my Mother.   As far as you it incessantly tries with your orations and sacrifices to move to me to mercy towards those souls. 

Insofar as you are concerned, please continue with your constant prayers and sacrifices to move me to mercy to those souls.”

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