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It was our Lord himself who taught these invocations to a humble sister of the Monastery of the Visitation of Saint Mary of Chambery (France), sister Maria Marta Chambón who passed away on March 21, 1097.   

This rosary was approved by Pope St. Pío X.   

It is recited with a common rosary. 

At the beginning, we say

- Oh! Jesus, Divine Redeemer, be merciful with us and with the entire world. 

- Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One, have mercy on us and on the whole world. 

- Pardon and mercy, Jesus protect us from dangers, with your precious Blood.  

- Eternal Father, have mercy on us for the Blood of Jesus Christ, your only Son. 

In the beads of the Our Father, we say:  

Eternal Father, I offer you the Sores of our Lord Jesus Christ, to cure the sores of our souls. 

In the beads of the Hail Mary, we say

My Jesus, pardon and mercy: by the merits of your Holy Sores.  

At the end of the rosary say three times

Eternal Father, I offer You the Holy Sores of our Lord Jesus Christ, to cure the sores of our souls.  

PROMISES that our Lord deigned to make to Sister Maria Marta in favor of the souls that say these invocations.

Let us listen the Divine Teacher: 

 "The way of my Sores is ever so simple and easy to go to heaven". 

 "Let me hear your petitions" 

 "Every words pronounced due to my Holy Sores please me, an unbelievable joy, thus I count them all... "  

"Through my Holy Sores, you gain a lot, and with little effort". 

"From my Holy Sores come sanctity fruits". 

"I will grant whatever is request of me with the invocation of my Holy Sores". 

"You can obtain anything by my Holy Sores, because it is the merit of my Blood, which is of an infinite value".  

"With my Holy Sores and my Heart everything can be obtained". 

"The one in need should come with faith and confidence, which flow constantly from the treasure of my Passion and from the openings of my Holy Sores".  

"You must frequently repeat near patients this invocation: My Jesus, pardon and mercy, by the merits of your Holy Sores.  This invocation will soothe its soul and body.  Many people will experience the effectiveness of this invocation".  

"The sinner that says the following prayer:  Eternal Father, I offer you the Holy Sores  of our Lord Jesus Christ, to cure the sores of our souls, will obtain his conversion ". 

"Offer these two invocations that I have taught to you often, to win sinners for me because I have hunger of souls". 

"My Holy Sores are a soothing balm to the suffering". 

"My Holy Sores will cure yours". 

"There will not be death for the soul that dwells on my Holy Sores; they give off true life". 

"The Holy Sores have wonderful power for the conversion of sinners".  

"With my Holy Sores, they can neutralize my justice".  

"My Holy Sores will cover all your errors".  

"I wish that priests would share my feelings about the Holy Sores with the sinners in the confessional" 

"My Sores will save you unequivocally.  They will save the world ". 

"The invocation of the Holy Sores encompasses everything".  

"The soul that during  its life has honored the Holy Sores of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and has offered them to the Eternal Father for the souls in Purgatory will be accompanied at the time of its death by the Most Holy Virgin and the angels.  Our Lord in the Cross, shining from glory, will receive it and he will crown it.”  

"My daughter, every time that you offer to my Father the merits of my divine Sores, you acquire an immense fortune". 

"By my Holy Sores they can deserve and obtain what is best for all their necessities, without detailing them". 

"The Holy Sores give value to everything".  

"Those that honor my Holy Sores will have a true knowledge of Jesus Christ".  

"The souls that pray with humility and meditate my Passion will have a participation in the Glory of my divine Holy Sores; will receive overwhelming beauty and glory". 

"Just the same as there is an army raised for evil, there is an army raised by Me".  

"With these invocations they are more powerful than an army to stop my enemies". 

"The rosary of the Divine Mercy counterbalances my justice.....it stops my punishment" 

"Many will reap the rewards of this invocation:  My Jesus mine, pardon and mercy, by the merits of your Holy Sores ".  

"The Holy Sores satisfy and ensure spiritual growth". 

 "The power is in my Holy Sores, through them they become strong".  

"The Holy Sores are the treasure of treasures for the souls of purgatory". 

"Every time they watch the divine crucified Christ with a pure heart, they will obtain the release from purgatory of five souls: one for each source (each Holy Sore in the hands, feet, and side)".  

"They will also obtain, if their heart is pure and giving, the same favor in each station, by the merits of each one of my Holy Sores". 

"Your wealth is my Holy Passion". 

"The Holy Sores give omnipotence over God".  

"In truth this prayer is from Earth, but from heaven……... and it can obtain everything". 

"My Holy Sores support the world.  I ask you to love them constantly, because they are the source of all graces. They have to be invoked frequently so as to attract your fellowman and imprint this devotion in their souls”  

When you have to cope with sorrows take them to my Holy Sores and they will be mitigated” 

"For each word which they pronounce of the Rosary of the Holy Sores, I cause to fall a drop of my Blood on the soul of a sinner" 

"This devotion must be spread”.

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