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December 8, 1947

Pierina - the viewer of the apparitions of Mystical Rose contemplated the mother of God say - "I am the Immaculate Conception" and with great majesty she affirmed "I am Mary of the Graces, that is to say, full of Grace, Mother of my Divine Son Jesus Christ".  She descended smoothly down the stairs and she added. - "For my visit to Montichiari I wish to be invoked and to be venerated as Mystical Rose. I WANT THAT AT NOON OF EVERY 8TH OF DECEMBER (SOLEMNITY OF THE IMMACULATE ONE) The HOUR OF GRACE IS CELEBRATED EVERYWHERE, THROUGH THIS DEVOTION MANY GRACES WILL BE OBTAINED FOR THE BODY AND THE SOUL.  Our Lord, my Divine Son Jesus, will spill his mercy copiously, as long as the good ones pray for their brothers who remain in sin.  It is imperative to inform as soon as possible to the Supreme Shepherd of the Catholic Church Pope Pío XII my desire that this hour of grace be well-known and is extended throughout the world.  Whoever cannot go to church, they can be at their house at noon and they will obtain my graces."  Soon after, showing her purest heart, She said:  "Look at this heart that loves men so much, while most of them overwhelm It with insults."  She kept quiet for a moment and continued:  "If all, good and evil, unite in prayer, they will obtain from this heart mercy and peace.  The good ones just obtained through my mediation the mercy of the Lord, who stopped a great chastisement.  In a little while, the effective greatness of this grace will be known ".  

While Pierina noticed that the shining Lady was leaving, she fervently implored to her:  "Oh beautiful and beloved Mother of God, I thank You".  Bless the whole world, especially the Holy Father, the priests, monks, and the sinners.  She replied:  "I have prepared an overabundance of graces for all those children who listen to my voice and take to heart my desires".  With these words the vision was finished.