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The Eucharist designates one double reality. On one hand, Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, updating and presenting us with the sacrifice at the Cross.  On the other hand, the sacrament of the true presence of Christ under the species of bread and wine, consecrated in the rite of the celebration.  

The Holy Mass, compendium and center of the Christian religion, are not the pure and simple commemoration of the passion and death of Jesus Christ, but a true sacrifice by which Christ, Highest Priest, repeats what once he did in the cross.  It is substantially that same sacrifice, the same Victim, the same main Priest, the same oblation, same purposes.  They only differ in the way to be made:  bloody in the Calvary, versus bloodless at the altar (Council of Trent).

Springs of utmost generosity in graces, has the same effects as the sacrifice of the Cross:  

Adoration:  God receives from a single Mass infinite glory.  Whoever the celebrant is, the effect always takes place. 

Thanksgiving:  That is the exact meaning of "eucaristía".  The Divine Redeemer, like Son of God, was the only one that could give the Father a worthy thanksgiving.  It was done in the last supper, in the cross, and at the Sacrifice of the altar.  

Repair or atonement:  All men, by sin, contract a debt that has to be settled.  This sacrifice has an infinite atonement power.  Nevertheless its effect is applied according to the dispositions of the subject that receives it.  Nothing better to settle our sins or those of the deceased ones.   

Request:  It has no comparison to its strength, inasmuch as it is Christ himself, "always alive pleading on our behalf" (Heb 8, 25) who demands the grace. 

In order to participate actively in the Eucharist, we must more and more be united to the Priest and Victim as the Apostle recommended: "You must have the same feelings that Jesus Christ had" (Fil 2, 5) identifying ourselves with Him until being able to say: "With Christ I am crucified" (the GAL 2, 19).  

In the Eucharist, by force of the words of the priest, the Council of Trent teaches, "after the consecration of the bread and wine, our Lord Jesus Christ, true God and true man is contained truly, real and substantially, under the appearance of those sensible things". There the Lord is present, in each one of the species, with his Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.  

The Sacred Eucharist is the sacrament by antonomasia, since it contains the same Christ substantially, whereas the other sacraments only have a participated grace of Christ.  For that reason the theologians have affirmed that all the other sacraments are ordered to the Eucharist, it is to receive it (Baptism, Confirmation, Penance, Unction of the patients), to appear it (Marriage) or to make it (Sacred Order). The Sacrament of the Eucharist has the capacity to complete all the spiritual life: "I have come so that they have life and they have it in abundance", the Lord said; and he added: "If you do not eat the body of the Son of the man and you do not drink its blood, you will not have life in you."  

Treasure from Church that contains "all the delights", if we received it with dignity, that is to say, in state of grace with God and with devotion.  The reception of the Eucharist unites us intimately to the Most Holy Trinity, to Christ and to the members of the Mystical Body; it gives us the graces that let grow the virtues and gifts from the Holy Spirit; does away with the venial sins and the temporary pain; it preserves us of new pitfalls by strengthening charity; it is, finally, a pledge with the future glory, not only for the soul but also for the body.  We could summarize so many fruits with those simple and precise words of Saint Thomas:  "the effects that the Passion of Christ created in the world, this sacrament produces in man." A single communion received with perfect disposition would be enough to take us to the highest summits of the sanctity.  If such results are not attained, it is because we have not arranged ourselves properly.  Let us then approach to agree with the due preparation, exercising us with charity and acts of faith; and thus, we make an intense thanksgiving with adoration acts, repair and love.  

Also, outside Mass, we can prolong the effects of the communion, visiting Jesus in the Sanctuary.


Of the wonders of the Lord

In the Most Holy Sacrament of the altar

The Sacrament of the altar is rightfully called compendium of the wonders of the Lord, because it is a compendium of the miracles, finenesses, virtues, mercies, torments and offices of Jesus Christ, all wonders of his love.  He wants us to remember all of them, and for that reason it left us with a Sacrament like a compendium or memorial of all of them.

Miracles of Christ

The first miracle is to become, by virtue of the words that the priest utters, the substance of the bread and wine, in the body and blood of Christ.  The second is that the bread and wine, amount, scent, color and flavor, are without subject that receives it, because the substance was missing, and are not maintained in the body of Christ.  Third, is that the elements of bread and wine make such effects in those receiving them, that would make the substance.  The fourth, that Christ is all in the Wafer, and any part thereof; and although they divide the Wafer, they are not dividing Christ, because He is whole in any part of the wafer.  Fifth, that Christ, without leaving heaven, is in all the consecrated Wafers that are in the world.  

Finenesses of Christ  

The first fineness of Christ in the Sacrament, was, that being necessary to be with his Father, he looked for means to remain with us at the cost of so many miracles, showing whichever truth is what the Scripture says:  that his delights are to be with the children of men.  Second, it was to remain in food for sustenance of man, which most loving mothers do not make because some of them, in order not to starve, got to sustain their life with the meat and blood of their children: but none sustained their children with its same flesh and blood. Third, to offer everything in this mouthful; its flesh and blood, soul and divinity, to show how much it loves men, because it gives whatever he has and whatever he is.  The Fourth, to want to enter our chest, to be with us, and that we are with Him, according to the condition of lovers, who live more where they love that where they animate. The Fifth, to show us that as delicious food, wants to become a thing with us by love, as food becomes with that who eats it:, although it does not have to become us, but converting us like Him.  

Passion of Christ  

The Sacrament in consecrated in bread species, that are made up mainly of ground wheat grains and in wine species, that are up from crushed by foot and squeezed lean grapes; in order to mean that Christ, in the Passion, was stepped on with insults and scorns, and ground and torn with whips, thorns, nails and cross (although to be together the body with the blood come to the Wafer, and the blood with the body come to the chalice ) to signify that in the Passion and death the blood was separated from the body.  But not only does the Sacrament represents the torments that the Savior suffered, although now, while impassible, He suffers in the Wafer, and he tolerates insults and humiliations from the Jews and heretics, offenses and sacrileges from Catholics that receive Holy Communion improperly.  

Virtues of Christ  

Christ shows tremendous Humility in the Sacrament, concealing its infinite greatness and Majesty under the bread and wine species.  Prompt Obedience, by placing Himself in the Wafer the moment when the Priest says the words, even if the priest is bad and sacrilegious.  Admirable patience, tolerating not only the insults of the unfaithful ones that do not know him, but also those that receive Him incorrectly or lukewarmly. Who know who He is.  Heroic poverty, dwelling in poor churches, even stingy, untidy and dirty.  Invincible steadiness persevering in the Wafer and chalice until the sacramental species are consumed, and wanting to be with us until the end of the world, although men treat Him bad in the Sacrament. 

Mercies of Christ  

Here Christ shows the corporal works of mercy in an excellent manner, because He feeds the hungry ones and He quenches the thirst to the thirsty by giving them his own body and blood; He visits the sick to heal them, He dresses the naked ones with the clothes of grace, He liberates the captive from the captivity of his sins, and He buries the dead the world, within His most precious holy sores.  He also exercises the spiritual ones, because He teaches the ignorant with illustrations and inspirations, gives advice to those that need it, He pardons the insults, Ht consoles the sad ones, He withstands our weaknesses and He pleads to the Father for us.  

Mysteries of Christ  

The Sacrament of the Incarnation represents, because just as the person of the Verb was united hypostatically to the human nature in the Virgin, in the same manner, by Christ entering our chest, it is united to us in a unity of love, and for that reason the Saints call the Eucharist, an extension of the Incarnation.  It represents the Birth of Christ; because if the Divinity appeared abbreviated in the body of a boy, and was clothed in diapers, and reclined on straws in a stable, now in a small Wafer, surrounded in bread and wine, is lodged in our chest that has been depository of sins.  Being a young boy, he was adored by Shepherds, Kings and Angels, is presented at the Temple, lost and found by Maria and Saint Joseph, and now is worshipped by all in the Sacrament, is offered at the temple from the hands of the priests, is lost from the eyes that only see the wafers of bread and wine, and found by faith, that watches from underneath the wafers of bread and wine.  Here Christ preaches to the heart, and makes continuous miracles to those that receive, worship and adore him.  Not only does this Sacrament represents the Passion of Christ, but that also it represents His Resurrection and Ascent, because the whiteness of the wafer represents the brilliance of glory which he was robed at the Resurrection, and the white cloud that, in the Ascent, hid Him from the eyes of the disciples.  

Tasks of Christ  

He remained in the Sacrament to renew, for our benefit, all the tasks that He did while conversing with men.  He is King, who having his kingdom in heaven, wants to enter my chest so that I can pay him homage, and swear for His King my powers and senses.  He is Lord of all living things, who descends from heaven to enrich the destitute poor servant.  He is Judge, who now does not come to pass judgment:  He will judge me at the end of my life and at the end of the world.  He acquitted me in the court of Penance and thereafter invited me to his sacred Table.  He is the most loving Father that after embracing the prodigal son, gives him a celestial banquet.  He is the Doctor, who wishes to cure all my diseases and to give me the eternal life.  He is the Friend, who admits me to the most intimate communication and after entrusting the secrets to me, now He gives himself to me.  He is the eternal Priest according to the order of Melquisedec, that making a temple and altar of my chest, is offered by me to the Father under the species of bread species and wine.  He is Spouse, who comes to give the hand to my soul and to be united with it, so that I am in Him and He is in me.  He is Teacher, that wishes to illustrate my spirit with its divine lessons.  He is the Redeemer, that visits his redeemed to apply the fruit of its. redemption. to the redeemed.   He is the Shepherd, who caresses the ewe that had been lost. He is Sanctifying, that communicates grace. He is the Advocate with the heavenly Father, and Protector who continuously looks after me.

Graces obtained for attending Holy Mass 

1.  The Holy Mass is the continuation of Calvary.

2.  Each Holy Mass is worth as much as the life, sufferings and death of Our Lord Jesus Christ, offered in sacrifice.  

3. The Holy Mass is the most powerful act to atone for sins.

4. At the time of death, the greatest consolation of the soul will consist of all Holy Masses attend during life.

5. Each Holy Mass properly attended will accompany us to the Divine Court, begging for pardon.

6. At the Holy Mass, according to the devotion of the attendees, it is possible to diminish in greater or smaller degree, the temporary punishment for sins.

7. When attending very devotedly the Holy Mass, it represents the greatest tribute to the Sacred Humanity of Our Lord. 

8. At the Holy Mass, Our Lord Jesus Christ offers atonement and excuses for many of our many omissions and faults. 

9. At the Holy Mass, Jesus Christ pardons the venial sins that have still not been confessed.  In addition the power of Satan is diminished on the soul.

10. When attending Holy Mass it provides to the souls of Purgatory, the greatest relief possible. 

11. A Holy Mass devotedly heard during the life, will be of more benefit to the soul, that many that could be offered for their rest after death.

12. For attending Holy Mass, the soul is preserved from dangers, misfortunes and calamities, that otherwise would have happened.  Additionally the duration of his Purgatory is reduced or made brief.

13. Each Holy Mass devotedly heard gives the soul a more elevated rank of glory in Heaven.

14. In the Holy Mass, we receive the blessing of the priest that Our Lord ratifies in Heaven. 

15. In the Holy Mass one kneels down between a multitude of the holy angels, who are present in attitude of deep reverence, during the adorable sacrifice of the Holy Eucharist.

16. In the Holy Mass, blessings for all temporary goods and companies are received.

Act of reparation (Fátima)  

Taught by the Angel to the three shepherds before the appearances of the Most Holy Virgin.  

"Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I offer You the most precious Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, present in all the Shrines on Earth, in atonement of all the insults, sacrileges, and indifferences where, how, and when He himself is the victim.  And by the infinite merits of its Most Holy Heart and by the infinite merits of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I request the conversion of all poor sinners".  

Messages given by the Most Holy Virgin to Father. Gobbi, on the Eucharist:

 Rubbio (Vicenza), August 8, 1986  

Mother of the Eucharist. 

"Favorite children, my Heart overflows with joy to see all of you gathered in a priestly pilgrimage of adoration, love, repair and thanksgiving to Jesus, my Son and my God, present in the Eucharist, to console Him of so much emptiness, of all the ingratitude and indifference of that He himself is surrounded by so many of my children in His real presence of love in all the shrines on Earth, mainly by many of my favorite children, the Priests. 

Thanks for the joy that you bring to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, who smiles at you pleased and moved by your tenderness.  Thanks also for the joy that you bring to the Immaculate Heart of your Heavenly Mother in the midst of its acute pain. 

I am the Mother of the Most Blessed Sacrament. 

I got to be it with my Yes, because at the moment of the Conception, I gave the possibility to Word of the Father, to descend to my virginal sine and, although I am also true Mother of God, because Jesus is true God, my collaboration took shape, mainly, in giving to the Verb the human nature, that allowed Him, second person of the Most Holy Trinidad, coeternal Son of the Father, to become Man in actual time and to be your true brother.  

Upon assuming human nature, it enabled him to do the Redemption.  

Being the Mother of the Incarnation, I am also the Mother of the. Redemption.  

A Redemption took place from the moment of the Conception to the moment of His death in the Cross, where Jesus due to the assumed humanity, has been able to make what he could not do like God:  to suffer, to endure, to die, offering himself as the perfect ransom to the Father and giving to Its justice a worthy and right repair.  

Truly He has suffered for all of you, redeeming you of the sins and giving you the possibility of receiving that divine life that had been lost from the moment of the first sin, committed by our ancestors.

Look at Jesus while he loves, works, prays, suffers, He is immolated from its descent to my virginal sine to its elevation in the Cross, in this one perennial priestly action, so that you can understand how I am above all the Mother of Jesus Priest.

By this I am also the true mother of the Most Holy Eucharist.  Not because I engendered him in this mysterious reality on the Altar.

This ministry is reserved for you only, my favorite children!

It is a ministry, however, that resembles a lot my maternal function, because also you, during the Holy Mass and by means of the words of Consecration, truly engender my Son.

Because of Me, the cold manger of a grotto welcomed him, and now because of you, the cold stone of an altar.   

But also You, like I, generate my Son.

For all this, you cannot be but the children of one special, rather most special, predilection of that which is Mother, true Mother of her Son Jesus. 

But I also am true Mother of the Eucharist, because Jesus becomes really present, at the moment of the Consecration, by means of your sacerdotal action.

With your human yes, given the powerful action of the Spirit, who transforms the matter of bread and wine into the Body and the Blood of Christ, you enable that He has His new and real presence amongst you.

And He is made present to continue the Task of the Incarnation and of the Redemption, that was possible for Him to offer to the Father because of its human nature, assumed with the Body that I have given him.  Thus Jesus, in the Eucharist, is present with His divinity and His glorious Body that Body that was given to Him by your Heavenly Mother, true Body born of Virgin Mary.

Children, His is a Glorious Body, but not a diverse one, i.e. is not a new birth.  In fact, it is the same Body that I gave him:  born in Bethlehem, died at the Calvary, deposited in the Tomb, and from there resuscitated, but assuming a new form, Its divine form, the one of glory.

Jesus in Paradise, with His Glorious Body, continues being son of Mary; thus the one that you generate with His divinity at the moment of the Eucharistic Consecration, is always son of Mary.

I am, therefore Mother of the Eucharist.

And, like a Mother, I am always next to my Son.

I was in this earth; I am now in Paradise, by the privilege of my corporal Assumption to Heaven; I am also where Jesus is present, in all the Earth Shrines.

Just as His Glorious Body, being outside the limits of time and space, allows Him to be here in front of you in the Shrine of this small mountain church, at the same time allows Him to be present in all the Shrines scattered throughout the world; thus also your Heavenly Mother, with her glorious body, that allows her to be here and everywhere, is truly next to all the Shrines where Jesus is guarded.

My Immaculate Heart, serves him as a live trembling, maternal Shrine of love, adoration, gratitude and perennial repair.

I am the Joyful Mother of the Eucharist.

You, favorite children, well know that where the Son is, the Father and the Holy Spirit are.  Like in the glory of Paradise, Jesus is seated to the right of the Father, in intimate union with the Holy Spirit, thus when called by you, He becomes present in the Eucharist and he guards himself in the Shrine, also accompanied by my Heart of Mother, next to the Son are really present there the Father and the Holy Spirit, always dwelling the Blessed and Most Holy Trinity.

And, as it happens in Paradise, also next to each Shrine, is the ecstatic and joyful presence of your Heavenly Mother.

Later, there are all the Angels, ready in its nine Choirs of Light, to sing the Omnipotence of the Most Holy Trinity, with diverse modulations of harmony and glory, as if they wanted to express, in different degrees, their great and divine power.

Next to the Angelical Choirs, are also all the Saints and Fortunate Ones that appropriately from the light, the love, the perennial joy and the immense glory, that flow from the Most Holy Trinity, receive a continuous increase of their eternal and always increasing well-being.

To this supreme vertex of the Paradise also rise the deep inspirations, the purifying sufferings, and the incessant prayers of all souls in Purgatory.  Towards him they tend with a desire, with a charity even more ardent every day, whose perfection is provided to its progressive liberation of all debt contracted by the fragility and its faults, until the moment in which, perfectly renewed by the Love, can be associated to the celestial song which forms around the Most Holy and Divine Trinity, that dwells in Paradise and in all the Shrines, where Jesus is present, even in the most remote and isolated places on Earth.

For all this, next to Jesus, I am the Joyful Mother of the Eucharist.

I am the Sorrowful Mother of the Eucharist.

To the triumphant and purging Church, that beats around the center of the love that is Eucharistic Jesus, would also have to be united the militant Church, you all my favorite, religious and faithful children, to compose with Paradise and Purgatory a perennial hymn of adoration and praise.

On the contrary, Jesus today in the Shrine is surrounded by a void, much abandonment, much ingratitude.

These times have been predicted by Me in Fátima by means of the voice of the Angel, appeared to the children, to whom it taught this prayer:

"Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I adore You deeply, I offer You the most precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, present in all the Shrines of the world, in repair of the humiliations, the sacrileges and the indifferences by which it is surrounded..."

This prayer was taught for these present times.

Jesus today lives surrounded by the vacuum formed especially by you Priests who, in your apostolic action, spin endlessly and uselessly within the periphery, going to the less important and secondary things, forgetting than the center your sacerdotal day must be here, in front of the Shrine, where Jesus is present and where He stays mainly for you.

He is also surrounded by indifference from so many of my children, that live as if He did not exist, and, when they enter the Church for the liturgical functions, they are unaware of Its divine and real presence amongst you.  Frequently Eucharistic Jesus is put in a lost corner, when He must be placed in the center of the Church and the center of your ecclesiastic meetings, because the Church is Its Temple, that has been constructed for Him in the first place, and later for you.

My maternal Heart is embittered deeply when it sees in the shrines the way that the real presence of Jesus is treated, where it is put in a corner, like an object for anyone to use in your ecclesiastic meetings.

But above all, are mainly the sacrileges that form today, around my Immaculate Heart, a painful crown of thorns.

These days, how many communions and how many sacrileges are committed!  It is possible to say that today no longer there is a Eucharistic celebration in which communions do not become sacrilegious.

If you saw with my own eyes, you would also shed abundant tears. 

Therefore, you my favorite and consecrated children to my Heart, make a strong call to the militant church so that proper dignity and acknowledgement is given to Jesus who is present and alive in the Eucharist.

Because only there is the true source of life that will purify and renew the desert to which it has been reduced; only there is the secret of Life that will open a second Pentecost of grace and light; only there is the source of renewed sanctity: Jesus in the Eucharist!

They are not your pastoral plans nor your discussions, they are not the average humans in which you put as much confidence and security, but only Eucharistic Jesus will give to all the Church the force of one complete renovation, that will take it to be poor, evangelical, chaste, stripped of all supports which it trusts, saintly, beautiful, spotless and wrinkle free, similar to your Heavenly mother.

I wish that this message of mine becomes public, is reviewed and is included between the contents of my book.

I wish that it is spread everywhere in the world, because from all the parts of the Earth today I call all of you to be a crown of love, of adoration, of gratefulness, and of atonement  to the Immaculate Heart of that who is true Mother - Joyful Mother but also Painful Mother of the Most Sacred Eucharist.

I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit".

Rubbio (Vicenza), August 21, 1987

 Liturgical Memory of St. Pío X

Mother of the adoration and the reparation.

"Favorite Children, I am contented that you have come up like little children so that I can embrace you in my maternal arms. 

Continue to be more and more small, docile, pure, simple, unselfish and faithful.

How great is the joy in my Maternal Heart when I can lead all of you like a perfumed and precious tribute, to offer it to my son Jesus, really present in the sacrament of the Eucharist!

I am the Mother of the adoration and the repair.

Next to every Tabernacle on Earth is always my maternal presence. 

This one composes a new and loving Tabernacle to the solitary presence of my son Jesus; it builds a garden of love to his perennial permanence between you; it forms a celestial harmony that surrounds Him with all the enchantment of Paradise, in the adoring choirs of the Angels, in the fortunate prayer of the Saints, in the ongoing hope of so many souls, that are being purified in Purgatory.

In my Immaculate Heart, it all forms a perennial concert of adoration, incessant prayer and deep love to Jesus, really present in each Tabernacle on Earth. 

Today my Maternal Heart is saddened and deeply wounded because I see that, around the divine presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, there is so much void, so much abandonment, so much negligence, so much silence.

Sorrowful traveling church, of which I am the Mother; Church, which are family to all my children, coffer of the new alliance, people of God, you must understand that the zenith of your life, the source of your grace, the spring of your light, the basis of your apostolic action can only be found here, in the tabernacle, where Jesus is escorted.

And Jesus is present so He can teach you to grow up, to help you to walk, to strengthen you in testimony, to give you courage to evangelize, to brace you in your sufferings.

Traveling and patient church of these times, that are called to live the agony on Gethsemane, and the bloody hour of Calvary, today I want to bring you here with Me, kneeling in front of each Tabernacle, in an act of perpetual adoration and repair, so that you can also repeat the gesture that your Heavenly mother is making permanently.

I am the Mother of the adoration and the repair.

In the Eucharist Jesus is really present with His Body, with His Blood, with His Soul and His Divinity.  In the Eucharist Jesus Christ is really present, the Son of God, that God that I have seen in Him at every moment of his earthly life although He was hidden under a veil of a fragile and weak nature, that was developing with age at His pace of human growth.

With a continuing act of faith in my son Jesus, I always saw my God, who I deeply adored and loved. 

I adored Him while still hidden in my virginal sine like a small cocoon, and I loved Him, nourished Him, helped Him grow giving Him my own flesh and blood.

I adored Him after His birth, contemplating Him in a manger within a poor and disheveled grotto.

I adored my God in baby Jesus, that grew; to become a young lad bent on work every day; to become the Messiah, to fulfill its public mission. 

I adored Him when He was scorned and rejected, when He was betrayed, abandoned by His disciples, and denied.

I adored Him when He was condemned and humiliated, when He was flogged and crowned with thorns, when He was lead to the cross to be crucified.

I adored Him at the foot of the Cross, in an indescribable act of suffering, and while He was lead and deposited in His tomb.

I adored Him after His resurrection when, first, He appeared to me in the splendor of His glorious body and in the light of His Divinity. 

Favorite children, for a love miracle that, only in Paradise will you be able to understand, Jesus has granted you the gift to always remain amongst  you in the Eucharist.

In the Tabernacle, under the veil of consecrated bread, Jesus is kept, the same Jesus that I saw first after the miracle of the resurrection; the same Jesus, who in the glare of His Divinity appeared to the eleven Apostles, many disciples, the tearful Magdalena, to the pious women who had followed Him to the sepulcher

In the Tabernacle, hidden under the Eucharistic veil, the same resuscitated Jesus is present, who also appeared to more than five hundred disciples and dazzled the pursuer Saul on the road to Damascus.  He is the same Jesus who sits at the right of the Father in the glare of His glorious body and its divinity, even though, for His love to you, He hides under the innocent appearance of consecrated Bread.

Favorite children, today you must believe more than ever in its presence amongst you; you must spread, with bravery and strength, your sacerdotal invitation to the return of all, to a strong and attested conviction in the real presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.

You must orient all the Church to meet again before the Tabernacle, with your Celestial Mother, in an act of perennial repair, continuous adoration and incessant prayer. 

Your Priestly prayer must become a total Eucharistic prayer.

I request that, once more, the practice of holy hours of adoration before Jesus exposed in the Most Holy Sacrament be implemented everywhere. 

I wish that the tribute of love towards the Eucharist be increased, and that it is manifested, even through sensible signs, but so revealing of your mercy.

Surround Eucharistic Jesus with lights and flowers, wrap Him in delicate attention; approach Him with deep gestures of respect and adoration. 

If you only knew how much Eucharistic Jesus loves you, how a small sample of your love fills Him of joy and consolation! 

Jesus pardons many sacrileges and forgets infinity of ingratitude, before a drop of pure sacerdotal love that is deposited in the chalice of its Eucharistic Heart.

Priests and faithful of my Movement, go frequently in front of the Tabernacle; live in front of the Tabernacle; pray in front of the Tabernacle.

Let your prayer be a perennial pleading of adoration and intercession, repair and thanksgiving.

Let your prayer be one that joins the celestial song of the Angels and the Saints, to the ardent implorations of the souls that are purified in Purgatory. 

Let your prayer be one that unites all the voices of mankind that must kneel down in front of each Tabernacle on earth, in an act of perennial gratitude and daily gratefulness.

Because in the Eucharist, Jesus is really present, He always remains with you; and this presence will be stronger and more evident, it will shine on the world like a sun, and will signify the beginning of the new era.

The coming of the glorious Kingdom of Christ will coincide with the greater splendor of the Eucharist.

Christ will restore his glorious Kingdom with the universal triumph of his Eucharistic Kingdom that will be developed with all its power and will have the capacity to change the hearts, the souls, the people, the families, the society, the world structure itself. 

When he has restored his Eucharistic Kingdom, Jesus will lead you to enjoy his habitual presence that you will feel in a new and extraordinary way, and will lead to experience a second, renewed and more beautiful Garden of Eden. 

But before the Tabernacle, your presence should not be only one of prayer, but also of communion of life with Jesus

Jesus is really present in the Eucharist because he wants to enter a continuous communion of life with you.

When you go in front of Him, He sees you; when you speak to Him, He listens to you; when you trust something to Him, He welcomes in his Heart each one of your words; when you request something from Him, He always takes care of it.

Go before the Tabernacle to establish with Jesus a simple mundane relation of daily life.

Just the same as when n you look for a friend, you entrust yourselves to people who are close to you, and feel the necessity of friends who help you, go before the Tabernacle in search of Jesus.

Make Jesus your dearest friend, the most beloved, the one you can trust the most.

Show your love to Jesus; frequently because this makes Him immensely content, consoles Him of all the ingratitude, compensates Him of all the betrayals:  "Jesus, You are our love; You are our only great friend; Jesus, we loved You; we are enamored with You ".

In fact, the presence of Christ in the Eucharist has, mainly, the function to make you grow in an experience of true communion of love with Him, so that you never feel alone, because He remains down here to be always with you.

Thereafter, you must go before the Tabernacle to gather the fruit of prayer and the communion of life with Jesus that develops and matures in your sanctity.

Favorite children, the more your life develops at the foot of the Tabernacle in intimate union with Jesus in the Eucharist, the more you grow in sanctity. 

Eucharistic Jesus becomes the model and the shape of your sanctity.

He brings purity to your heart, elected and desired humbleness, to life confidence, to the loving and filial abandonment.

Eucharistic Jesus becomes the new form of your sacerdotal sanctity, at which you arrive through a daily and hidden self denial; your ability to accept the sufferings and the crosses of all; in the possibility of transforming bad into good, and to act in such manner the souls that are entrusted to you, are lead by you to salvation.

By this I say to you: the times have arrived when I want all of you before the Tabernacle, mainly you Priests that are the favorite children of a Mother, who is always in act of perennial adoration and incessant repair.

Through you, I want that the Eucharistic cult returns to bloom in all the Church in a more intense way.

This deep crisis of mercy must stop already towards the Eucharist, that has contaminated all the Church, and that has been the root of so great infidelity, and the diffusion of so vast apostasy. 

With all my favorite children consecrated to Me, that comprise part of my Movement, I put you in front of each Tabernacle on Earth, to offer in tribute to Jesus, like the most precious the jewels, and most beautiful and aromatic flowers.

Now, your Celestial Mother wants to take to Jesus, present in the Eucharist, a greater number of children every time, because these are the times in which Eucharistic Jesus must be adored, loved, thanked and glorified by all.

My most beloved sons, next to Jesus who, in each Tabernacle, is in perpetual state of victim for you, I bless you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit".


You are in front of Jesus, that Jesus of such merciful heart, that He went after the sinners and only had for them words of generous pardon; so emphatic and kind, that He healed the afflicted and the wretched, and with them He cried; so humble, that the children, the crowds, could approach him to touch him. 

Intensify your faith.  Contemplate Him there, as a Wafer, to be able to approach you, and as if its own voice would speak to you, from the Shrine, listen with love.

It is not necessary, my son, to know a lot to please me much; it is enough that you love me with fervor.  Speak to me here simply, as you would speak to the most intimate of your friends, as you would speak to your mother, to your brother.

Would you like to request something on behalf of someone?  Tell me his name, the name of either one of his parents, or the one of your brothers and friends; tell me immediately what you want me to do for them.  Ask a lot, do not hesitate requesting; I like generous hearts that they forget about themselves to take care of other people's necessities.  Speak to me in simple terms, of the poor men you wish to console, of the patients who you see suffer, of the misled ones that you yearn for to return to the good way, of the absent friends who you want to see by your side again.  Tell me for all a friendly word, a close and fervent word.  Remind me that I have promised to listen to all pleas that come from the heart; and should it not come from the heart the request that you are directing to me that your heart especially loves?  

And for you, don’t you need some grace?  Prepare for me, if you like, one list of all your necessities, and come and read it in my presence.  

Tell me sincerely that you feel pride, love sensuality and the gift; that you are, at times, selfish, unreliable, negligent..., and ask me after I come to assist in your endeavors, few or many, to get rid of such miseries.

Do not be ashamed, you poor soul!  There are in heaven so many righteous ones, so many Saints of first order, who had those same defects!  But they asked with humility..., and little by little they were free of them. 

Do not hesitate to ask me spiritual or material things: health, memory, success in your enterprises, business or studies; all that I can give you as long as it does not oppose, rather, favors and helps in your sanctification.  At the present time, what do you need?  What can I do for your own good?  If you only knew how much I want to favor you!!!

Are you working on some project right now?  Tell me everything meticulously. What worries you?  What do you want?  What do you want Me to do for your brother, your sister, your friend, your boss?  What would you like to do for them?

And for Me, don’t you feel desire for my glory?  Wouldn’t you want to do something for your fellowman, to your friends who you care so much for, that perhaps, have forgotten me?

Tell me what particular thing calls your attention today, what you yearn for and how are you going to accomplish it.  Tell me if your enterprise failed, and I will tell you the reason.  Would you like me to do something for you?  My son, I am the owner of hearts and sweetly I take them, without damage of its freedom, to where it pleases me.

Do you feel perhaps sad, or ill humored?  Tell me heartbroken soul, your sorrows with all its details.

Who hurt you?  Who hurt your pride?  Who has despised you?  Approach my Heart that has effective balsam to cure all those wounds in yours.  Give me all details, and you will shortly finish saying to me that, similarly of me, you forgive all, you forget all, and as a reward, you will receive my consoling blessing.

You fear luck?  You feel in your soul those vague melancholies that while unfounded, are no less heart breaking?  Come into the arms of my Providence.  I am with you; here next to me; I see it all, I hear it all, not for a moment I abandon you.

Do you feel indifference from people whom before loved you well, and now, forgotten, they move away from you, without you having given the smallest reason? Pray for them and I will return them to your side if they will not be an obstacle to your sanctification.

And don’t you have, perhaps, some joy that you want to communicate to me? Why don’t you tell me as if I was a friend?  Tell me since yesterday, since your last visit to me, that has consoled you and made your heart smile.  Perhaps you have had some pleasant surprises; perhaps some problems have dissipated; perhaps you have received wonderful news, some letter or token of affection, you have overcome some difficulty or things that used to worry you.  It is all my work and I have provided it; why don’t you show your gratitude to me and simply say to me, like a son to his father: Thank you, my Father, thank you!  Gratefulness brings with itself new benefits, because the benefactor likes to be acknowledged.   

Don’t you have some promise to me?  I read, as you know, at the bottom of your heart.  Men are easily deceived; God is not; speak to me, then, with all sincerity.  Have you resolved not to expose yourself to that occasion of sin, of doing away with that object that damaged you, of not reading books that raised your imagination, of not dealing any more with that person than disturbed the peace of your soul?

Will you be friendly and obliging with that other person, that by having faulted you, you have considered until today like an enemy?

Very well, my son; return to your normal occupation: to the factory, to the family, the study..., but do not forget the fifteen minutes of pleasing conversation that we have had here both, in the solitude of the sanctuary.  Be silent, modest, keep to yourself, have resignation, be charitable to others.  Love my Mother, who is also your Mother, the Most Holy Virgin, and return to me again tomorrow with the most burning heart, more committed to my service.  In my Heart you will find every day new love, new benefits, and new consolations.


"I believe my Jesus that you are present in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.

I love you and I adore you deeply, and want to receive you, but not being able to do it now sacra mentally, at least come to my poor heart at least spiritually.  

And as if I had already received You, I embrace you and hug You to me. Do not allow that I may ever be aside from You.  Amen". 

Prayer taught by the Virgin to Father Gobbi, to repeat frequently to Sacramental Jesus:  

"Jesus, You are our love; You are our only great friend; Jesus, we love You; we are passionate for You”

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