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Message of Love that the Sacred Heart of Jesus gives the world to save it. 

While the world is scourged and disintegrated by the hatred of men every where, Jesus Christ wants to renew it and save it with love. 

He wants love flames rising towards the sky that neutralize the flames of hatred and selfishness.  

To this end, He taught Sister M. Consolata Bertrone a very simple Act of Love that she had to repeat frequently, promising her that each Act of Love would save the soul of a sinner and that it would repair one thousand blasphemies. 

The formula of this Act of Love is:  

"Jesus, Mary, I love you, save the souls"  

There are the three loves:  Jesus, Mary, and the souls so loved by the Lord, that He does not want them to be lost, having our Lord spilled his own blood for them.  

Jesus told her:  "Think of me and of the souls.  In Me, to love to me; in the souls to save them (August 22, 1934).  He added:  the renewal of this Act must be frequent, constant.  Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute"  (May 21, 1936). 

"Consolata, tell the souls that I prefer an Act of love to any other gift that they offer to me"... "I am love thirsty"... (December 16, 1935). 

This Act indicates the way to heaven.  With it, we fulfill the main commandment of the Law:  "You will love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind”………….. and your fellow man as yourself.

With this continuous Act of Love we give God the best:  that is love to the souls.  With this fervent act, we can be in constant touch with God.  Every hour, every minute, i.e. whenever we want it.  And we can do it without effort, with ease.  It is a perfect prayer, very easy for either a wise or ignorant person.  It is easy for a boy as for an elder, whoever can rise to God by means of this method.  Even a dying soul can say it from the heart than with the lips. 

This prayer encompasses everything: 

The souls of Purgatory, those of the militant Church,  the innocent souls, the sinners,  those about to die, the pagans, all the souls.  With her we can request the conversion of sinners, the union of the Churches, the sanctification of priests, the vocations for priests, deacons, and other religious members.  It is an act filled of love to God and the Most Holy Virgin Mary, and can decide the salvation of one about to die, repair a thousand blasphemies, as stated by Jesus to Sister Consolata, etc. etc.   

"You want to make penance?  Love me", so said The Lord to Sister Consolata. We should remember the words of Jesus Christ to Simon the Pharisee on Magdalena:the sinner:   "her many sins are pardoned, because she has loved a lot".  

A "Jesus, Mary, I love you, save the souls" pronounced when rising, will make us smile all day long; it will help us to fulfill our duties better, in the office, the field, the street, etc.  It is said with ease, without distraction, and with affability.   

A "Jesus, Maria, I love you, save the souls", sanctifies the body, it soothes the pains.  It turns sadness into joy.  It helps with all daily difficulties.  It helps against the temptations.  It makes the work pleasant.  It turns sadness into happiness.  It fortifies and consoles in sickness.  And it brings blessings on the families and on the duties.  

A "Jesus, Maria, I love to you, save the souls".  It will help calm your indignation, to turn your wrath into love to your fellow man.  You will be kind to those that offend you. You will reward evil with good.  It leads to noble effects; true words, great works and heroic sacrifices, will illuminate your understanding with supernatural lights; it will stimulate the good, will dissuade evil.  It will obtain the repentance of the sinner; the faith in the just will intensify, and they will yearn for eternal happiness.  

 God deserves to be loved being our Extreme Good Being.  This gleeful expression is a sweet song for Jesus and Maria. 

How sweet it is to repeat it frequently!  How pleasant it is to intensify the fire of love to God!   

And having pronounced it thousands of times during your life, how cheerful will your hour of death be, and how joyful will your soul fly to embrace Jesus and Mary in the heaven!  

Jesus said to Sister Consolata:  

"Remember that an Act of love decides the eternal salvation of a soul and repairs one thousand blasphemies.  Only in the sky you will know its value and fecundity to save souls ".  

"Do not waste time, all Act of love is a soul".  When you have free time and you do not have anything better to do, takes the crown from the Rosary in your hands and to each bead repeat:  "JESUS, MARY, I LOVE YOU, SAVE THE SOULS”….In four or five minutes you will have made pass through your fingers all the beads and will have saved 55 souls of sinners, you will have repaired by 55,000 blasphemies.  

According to St. Agustin:  "Who saves a soul, assures its own salvation", and that who saves hundreds, thousands and even million of souls, with so much ease, without even leaving its house, what prize will await them in heaven?  

Our Lord continuously asked Sister Consolata to frequently repeat the act of love incessantly, because many souls go to hell because they do not have anyone to save them... Let us all repeat this Act of love: "JESUS, MARY, I LOVE YOU, SAVE THE SOULS", so that we rescue many souls from hell and make them eternally happy in heaven.  The souls that we save with this Act of Love, will one day be our crown of glory in heaven. 

When one is occupied with manual works, this Act of Love with the mind can be repeated and has its same value as Our Lord Jesus Christ said one a day to Sister Consolata.  

Why could we not do the same, instead of wasting precious time in useless chatter; let us repeat this Act of Love frequently, and thus we will accumulate the most precious treasures for Heaven.  

Those that were saved are in heaven for having loved God.  The degrees of glory in heaven depend on the intensity of the love that the souls practiced during life.  

Only then will we realize how much merit an Act of Love brings and all the souls saved.  

Sister Consolata asked Jesus one day:  "Jesus teach me to pray". And here is the Divine reply:  "Don’t you know how to pray?  Is there a more beautiful prayer and more pleasing than the Act of Love"?

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