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Welcome to

Most Holy Virgin Mary

In this site you will find different devotions to God and the Most Holy Virgin Mary, many of which have great promises for those that practice them.

At present, when so many are suffering, it is necessary to pray more. For this reason I have created this page: in order to put within reach of the faithful, different and effective orations. In addition I have including sacramental graces of the Scapular of Mt. Carmel and the Miraculous Medal, that so many graces spill on those who wear them.

If you like this website and feel that it can help other people, please let them know about it.   

The address is:


Another reason to spread this page is the PROMISES TO THOSE WHO PROPAGATE THE FOLLOWING DEVOTIONS, which are all in this site:

Sacred Heart of Jesus:  “Those that propagate this devotion will have their name written in my Heart which will never be erased”.

Seven Sorrows of Mary:  “I have obtained from my Divine Son that those that propagate this devotion (to my sorrows and pains) will be transferred from this life to eternal happiness directly, because all their sins will be erased, and my Son and I will be their eternal consolation and happiness.”

Divine Mercy:  “To the souls that propagate the devotion to my Mercy, I will protect them during their lives as an affectionate mother protects her new born baby and at the time of death, I will not be a Judge, but rather a Merciful Savior”.

“The souls that adore my Mercy and propagate its devotion to her, inviting other souls to trust in my Mercy, will not experience terror at the time of their death.  My Mercy will give them shelter in this last battle”.

Holy Rosary:  The most holy Mother of God says:  "All those that propagate  the Holy Rosary will receive My assistance in their necessities".


Holy Mother of God!

Conceived without sin!

The Queen of Peace says:

Oct. 21 1983. "Pray to the Holy Ghost so that it descends on you. When one has it, you have everything ".

Oct. 25 1984: "Just pray and God will grant whatever you are looking for".

Nov. 8-1984: "Pray to the Holy Ghost so that He will enlighten you.  If you only knew how many graces God grants you, you would pray incessantly ".

And Mary of the Holy Rosary of San Nicolás says to us:  

"Prayer consoles, protects the soul from the evil one and it does not allow the soul to be in darkness". (Message 1323)